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As Black History Month begins to come to a close, we must stay conscious. There’s work to be done in order to prevent our awareness for the Black experience from disappearing from our view. Black artists are the reason we have the electronic music community along with many other genres as we know them. Story after story of the lives of Black artists woven together into a cloth made of pure gold.

Certain things have to happen to preserve the integrity of that cloth so beautifully created, given freely to the world. We must ensure that Black creators we have around today have the freedom to reach for future that they aspire. There is no future in the electronic music industry without our Black creators.

So…. without further ado. Let us introduce you to some of the Black artists that make up the future of music industry.


Producer, vocalist, and DJ Chromonicci is frequently described using words synonymous or closely related to water. Like a liquid, with the capability to fit into a container of any shape, Chromonicci has cascaded into the scene with his smooth beats and adaptive style. After releasing an album with our friendly neighborhood Youtube lofi label Chillhop, we have also found him collaborating with Capshun (who you will also find down below) in their new song “Revival.” The reverb on this man is astounding, like a pebble skipping across the surface of the water. We look forward to the moment that rock finally breaks under the surface of the waves, splashing us with shades of sound and music.

Image courtesy of Cherrie Berry Photography

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Image courtesy of Nomer Music

One of our freshest faces on the scene, coming from Detroit, Nomer has become part of our own Electric Hawk family. Appearing and curating a high energy set for our In Harmony stream, Nomer has already set a precedent that attests to their versatile skills as a producer. Their newness on the scene leaves us wanting more, starved and ravenous no matter how many morsels he throws at us. Every step of his journey has been exciting to see so far, and we are happy to be there as a community along the way.

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The soundscapes that Capshun creates are as alive as the energy of the producer himself. As one of the co-creators of two record labels, Bonsai Collective and Denali, his dedication to the scene and appreciate for music is evident in everything he does. Having Black creators like Capshun in places of leadership and direction is essential for the progress of our own community, without their perspectives we cannot thrive as we want to. Not to mention Capshun deserves every bit of all that good love he gets.

Image courtesy of Capshun

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Moore Kismet

This powerhouse of a 16 year old is someone you need to keep a constant eye on, or they just might shoot into stardom the moment you have your gaze turned away. Moore Kismet has already found themselves on the 2020 edition of Billboard’s 21 under 21. As a Black figure for the LGBTQ+ community, the support Omar Davis has provided the community they themselves are a part of already has an impact that can be seen far and wide despite their short time in the public eye as a non-binary figure. Thankfully we have a lot of time to look forward to figuring out just what exactly Moore Kismet has stored for us in their back pocket.

Images courtesy of DNZ Media

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It’s hard to remember to time where social media didn’t widely impact the lives of artists. Especially when social media is the reason that artists like OGK have been brought into the public eye. After posting videos of her mixing some of her favorite songs together, her infectious positive energy pulled people to her like a magnet. Part of the duo, KGTO, she has been working with the producer Gunwa since early 2015 creating mixes and music inspired by their own near and dear love for electronic music. While personal releases from her have been few, her passion for music and enjoyment of creativity and its connection to spirituality are evident in everything that she does. We sit on the edge of our seats anxiously watching this beautiful flower bloom.

Image courtesy of OGK

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Image courtesy of melcpics

UK-based artist, Laxcity has been a prominent figure in our community since his debut back in 2018. As well as a prominent figure in our own community, participating in our In Harmony, In Solidarity stream to raise money for the Black Visions Collective. His musical story telling capabilities create a comprehensive music library filled with vibrant 3D experiences posing under the title of “songs.” With an album released just this year, Laxcity’s progress through the scene is steady and inspiring.

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No stranger to the music scene as a whole, Jordana LeSesne holds on to her own corner of the history of electronic music. Wildly popular for her work in the American Drum and Bass scene in the 90s, basically paving the way for women, members of the Trans community, Black artists, and Drum & Bass producers in one fellow swoop of brilliance and mastery artistry. Unstoppable in every way, she branched out and returned to her Rock roots by founding a melodic goth metal band. And yet we are still excitedly awaiting a new Drum and Bass EP she has set to release soon. A lot can change in 20 years, but her talent and ingenuity know no bounds. Jordana is proof that the modern music industry will be built upon those very stories that have always been at the root of the music community.

Image courtesy of discogs

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Image courtesy of Tessa Paisan

Basically a household name in the bass scene, Chee has consistently churned out tune after tune of complex sound design coupled with bass heavier that the future of the music industry that he’s carrying on his back. Not only turning out massive hits and holding the title for one of the best sets at Electric Forest 2019, Chee offers one on one lessons on music production. Artists willing to provide their support and advice to aspiring creators are genuinely the backbone of our community. Imaging the producers someone like Chee might help create give so much hope and excitement for the future of bass music as a whole. We are lucky to have Chee around to follow in their footsteps.

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As a label, we will continue to support the future of music and the Black people that create it!

Safe to say we are basically drowning in art being produced by Black creatives. The future of music is Black, the history of music is Black. In short, we as a community are so lucky to watch the passing of time unfold before us. Art laid bare as the sounds flutter into our ears throughout our passing days.

Happy Black History Month

Looking for new music? Keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. Updated every Friday with all the latest releases. Whether it’s the newest drops from Gravitas, all your favorite artists, some old-school, or underground…we just want you to hear it.

February is Black History Month. A time to celebrate the triumphs and also educate yourself of African Americans’ struggles in the United States. If you’re looking for organizations that work to promote black health, education, rights, and community you can do that here.

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