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When I think of a genre fluid music master, a few names certainly come to mind. One of those names being spüke, a music wiz who has been defying the boundaries of genre since his first release in 2017. Our friends over at BONSAI collective took notice, adding him to their roster, showing you how truly talented this artist is.

“High As The Moon” is an immediate classic. A house song for the home, for the car, for the club, for that trip up on that rocket you have scheduled on Tuesday.

“This track was spawned out of pure happiness. I was feeling ‘high as the moon!’ it had been awhile since I created a purely happy original.”


The delicate sounds that begin the song set the airy mood of the track. These tunes feel so familiar, like an old friend. Especially with his inclusion of his signature coughing sample just before the fading notes of the end. Spüke has always set a high standard for underground producers and he continues to do so with this new track.

Listen to “High As The Moon” by spüke below!

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