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Last week, Bonsai Collective announced the launch of their new label, Denali. Now, focusing on the harder end of the EDM spectrum, Denali Records kicks things off with their first single release! All about embracing uniqueness “Aethesis” by MUIRA, encapsulates what Denali is all about, so let’s dive in.

Muira Aethesis Electric Hawk
“Aethesis” artwork

Denali Records gives artists a chance to show their dark side, like MUIRA, did on “Aethesis.”

Known for using granular synths and creating other-worldly tracks, MUIRA, once again makes magic with “Aethesis.” The track is gentle, but full of grit—making it striking on your first listen. Clearly, MUIRA, did not hold back on “Aethesis” and it shows!

“My song “Aethesis” honestly gives me goose bumps. It represents a more powerful, more abrasive side of MUIRA, that hurts and wants to be understood. Something that I really haven’t shown in my past tracks. “Aethesis” starts out extremely vulnerable and finds its strength as the track progresses. At the songs essence, It’s really just a story. Between the distorted bass, manipulated vocals and that delicate piano, I think you get something that reads very emotionally pure and magical and that will hopefully translates well to the listener.”  


Above all, MUIRA, is always pushing to emulate genuine human emotion and that is exactly what “Aethesis” does. In short, we are loving this first release from Denali Records. The anticipation is high to see what they deliver next! That is to say, if more from MUIRA, is on the Denali horizon, we definitely won’t complain.

Stream “Aethesis,” out now via Denali Records, below!

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Featured image via Denali Records & Sasha Rome

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