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Every now and then, you come across a musical entity. Someone who was born to produce beats and this someone is linkr. Releasing on DENALI records, “submerge” is an absolute cliff-diver of a tune!

At 19-years old, Lucas, known as linkr, is actually not new at this; he’s been dropping heaters for a good 5+ years now. What have I been doing???


Drawing inspirations from legends such as JKuch and SOPHIE, linkr aims to be as innovative as his icons.

His newest single, “submerge” is made up entirely of a sample pack he created. This song is a dive into linkr’s mind and a showcasing of his skillful, contrasting sound design.

It’s almost like sitting at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a great blue ocean. In a tantalizing symphony, the song balances the soft and hard elements and keeps you on your toes long enough to take that leap into the dynamic soundscape.

’submerge’ is about doing something you love to distract yourself from external problems and feeling so good that nothing can disturb you. The brighter and darker sounds in the song contrast each other and represent me: a person who has struggled, but found something that makes me feel better and happier!


Releasing on DENALI Records, the child label of Bonsai Collective the young Brazilian beatmaker has found the perfect home for this tune. A song that takes the darker sounds of dance music, and induces a wide range of emotions in the listener. This is only the beginning for linkr.

Stream “submerge” below and let us know what you think!

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