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If you’ve been waiting to pop out for a Bonsai Collective event, you’re in luck – Bonsai Collective just announced the third annual “ESCAPISM,” hosted by ILLUZYN on July 16th. The Bonsai Collective crew is taking over the Green Elephant in Dallas, TX to throw down one of a kind sets from capshun, spüke, Sasha Rome, Colson XL and the owner of ILLUZYN, Avae.

Not only do you get headliner sets from Bonsai Collective at ‘ESCAPISM’, but you also have some burgeoning talent in the undercard.

From the LA-based ray of sunshine Alliesun, to psychedelic gurus Neon Swami, and the Dallas natives Ashtag and DRNRDX, you are truly in for a treat with this lineup; these artists span such a wide variety of genres and are some of the most versatile in the game right now. 

We envision ESCAPISM to eventually grow into the biggest annual psychedelic music festival in the U.S. with music acts ranging from electronic, indie, rap, R&B, rock, & pop. Our dream acts include Tame Impala, Travis Scott, Flying Lotus… but we’re starting out small first and spotlighting all the amazing acts in our community.

Vladimir Calise, Owner of ILLUZYN

Still on the fence about the show? Here’s 4 reasons why you need to be at The Green Elephant on July 16th.

If you haven’t been following Bonsai Collective, you need to jump quickly on the bandwagon ‘cause you’re missing out. This collective of artists brings such a fresh breath of air to the bass scene, and cover so many different types of soundscapes and genres. The team produces everything from trap, house, funk, and even harder bass and leans into the melodic and rhythmic sides of music. They are creating a strong community through their Discord and sharing resources and knowledge through their Patreon as well. 

  1. Bonsai Collective is on the come up – so get with it or get lost!

2. You’ll be transported into a psychedelic wonderland of bass. 

3. Tickets are only $20 for GA!

  1. There will be an after party 👀

You won’t want to miss it. Stay tuned to Bonsai Collective & ILLUZYN’s socials for more information.

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