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Two queens with unbelievable talent, NotLö and VEIL, introduce us to a magical 2 track Exoplanet EP from Wakaan. The tracks “Exoplanet” and “Someday” feature mixtures of experimental bass that will make speaker systems tremble. The girls really delivered on these spicy collabs, sending us on a trip to another galaxy with these tunes. 

There’s so much BASS in this bad boy of an EP, we have no idea if I can fit it in my garage. 

I never knew you could vibe so hard to bass music. But after listening to “Exoplanet,” I was dancing like that one GIF of Kermit the frog. Different sounds conform around the continuous drum line which blends perfectly when the bass drops in. The percussion use itself will have you mesmerized, but all the samples sprinkled in adds some extra ~flavor~. 

NotLö VEIL Exoplanet

We dive into deeper and darker sounds with the second song on the EP, “Someday.” There’s no doubt that your brain will be buzzing after this track. The subs are relentless as they vibrate your eardrums while futuristic sounds from the year 2022 soothe the soul. And I just got a report that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will be front row to the next Wakaan festival in his mittens just to listen to these two songs.

NotLö and VEIL ripped a hole through the galaxy when creating their unique soundscapes in Exoplanet and Someday. Both of their styles unified together in perfect harmony. For VEIL, this is her sophomore EP on Wakaan. Her first being the heavy Summon EP released two months ago.

These two ladies are going to blaze a trail in 2021 and we’re looking forward to what they have planned for the future!

Listen to the Exoplanet EP below, OUT NOW on Wakaan:

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