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capshun and chromonicci create a perfect blend of their unique sound design with “Revival.” When trap meets niccibounce, you know it’s gonna slap. The pair collide in divine fashion to bring us a beautiful collaboration that urges you to play on repeat. Out Now on Phuture Collective.

Liquid Textures and Dancefloor Energy

“Revival” begins with samples of water and echoing chimes that instantly relax the mind. As the song progresses, so does the atmosphere. The track starts with a euphoric approach but builds into an energetic soundscape. As you emerge from the ambiance, synth risers and hard snare hits guide you into a moving drop. When I say this is a perfect blend of each artist’s unique sound design, I mean it. The trap elements from capshun merge with chromonicci’s fluidity to make a really fun tune that only gets better as you listen.

After the dust settles from the first drop at the 2:14 mark, a synth dancing along the music scale leads the listener down an exciting passage. A kick drum enters the mix and ups the tempo before dropping, again, into a soul-stirring 4-on-the-floor arrangement. After 16 measures of bonding with the beat, it drops a third time with immense future-bass energy. It’s a headbanging, foot-stomping breakdown that defines what makes these two artists great.

Photo: jay.p3g

chromonicci is an icon living.

The Dallas native is a producer, vocalist, and DJ that’s raw talent deserves the utmost respect. Between slots at Brownies & Lemonade and Mad Decent’s ‘Juiced‘ live-stream event and the outstanding True Colors EP, this man absolutely destroyed 2020. But Dreamworlds., his latest EP released on ChillHop, is f***ing incredible. I know that may be a bit veracious, but give it a listen and you’ll see why that’s the only way to accurately describe this body of work.


capshun is a busy man, with arguably the best dance moves on the planet.

cap has released some insane music over the last year, including a track on our latest compilation album In Unity. On top of that, he’s made other industry moves like dropping sample packs, offering mentorship programs, even creating new labels with both BONSAI and DENALI. BONSAI Collective has held its roots in the more melodic side of music since 2018. But DENALI plans to focus on the harder side, including genres like bass music, drum and bass, and house. capshun operates with a laser focus and an ambition that will drive him to unimaginable heights. And if you want to check out those dance moves I mentioned before, check out his In Unity set here.

Listen to “Revival” by chromonicci and capshun below, and remember where it came from:

Artwork: Jake Clark

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