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Our favorite groove collector, Daily Bread, serves die-hard listeners and new fans with the release of his Invisible Cinema LP. On this LP, Rhett Whatley (AKA Daily Bread), debuts what we’ll be jamming to along his Invisible Cinema Tour this spring. Just leaving Costa Rica’s Envision Festival, DB is ready to sweep through the US with Lazershark for a soul-stirring adventure. Sending his listeners through the sky, Daily Bread opens minds with melodic tones, hip-hop hooks, and soulful feels. We’ve been searching for more, after the recent talk of his Okeechobee Music Festival performance, and couldn’t wait to get down to this electrifying album.

Photo credit: Tony Moore

The Narrative

We “Set to the Sky” for another orbit after a trip “Back to the Moon” with DB’s latest release. The cloud conductor is known for his blend of electronic with soulful roots and jazzy elements. Creatively incorporating vintage samples into modern sounds, fans travel through the depths of space and time.

Starting the Invisible Cinema LP is the funky, heavy-hitter collab with Late Night Radio, “Blindfold Yourself.” Loyal fans are met with familiarity, after being teased with this ID in mixes and live experiences. “Street Treasure” kicks us into gear with its high-tempo, upbeat flares, paired with soulful sampling. Flowing into insightful lyrics featuring the voice of Jonah Cruzz, we’re able to cut losses and count blessings with “Applying Pressure.” Connecting on a deeper level, “Weary Days,” speaks about daily grind struggles, touching senses of nostalgia through vintage style and sampling. The album ties together Daily Bread’s true aesthetic by incorporating cinematic narratives with his love for the moon.

Identify with the Invisible Cinema‘s narrative below!

Invisible Cinema Experience

Daily Bread launches into his first headlining tour accompanied by Philos Records block parties and friends like Michal Menert and Artifakts. The 25+ tour dates are also supported by the unique artists, Duffrey and K+Lab. Lazershark’s unforgettable lighting design ties the Invisible Cinema tour together for a one-of-a-kind experience this spring.

Don’t miss this trip with us; check out Daily Bread’s Invisible Cinema tour for a journey near you!

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