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If you’ve been needing some soul food music, the newest EP from Daily Bread, Purple Clouds, is sure to satisfy that craving. Released under Philos Records, this EP is a work of art by none other than Atlanta-based Rhett Whatley. Within five tracks, he dishes up a healthy serving size of funk, smooth jazz, and even some hip-hop influences, too.

Celebrating the fourth anniversary of his 2016 Cloud Conductor release, Daily Bread picks up right where he left off. All the way down to the weather themed track titles, meant to be portrayed as a metaphor for life.

Album artwork taken on Polaroid SX-70 camera

Purple Clouds is first introduced by “Another Promise,” which you may recognize as a re-work of Whatley’s very own, “Promise To Myself.” Continuing to take a trip down memory lane to Cloud Conductor, “Complaining About The Weather” features previous collaborator Derlee in a swirl of electro-soul enjoyment.

Over the next three tracks, DB continues to narrate and weather the storm through sound. “Supercell” explores his heavier side, while “Misty Morning” and “Gone On A Purple Cloud” progressively slow it down with some charming funky chords and melodies. Regardless of how you look at it, every track on this EP is absolutely delectable. One listen just isn’t enough for this one.

Listen to Purple Clouds by Daily Bread below:

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