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Fresh off the Okeechobee Music Festival circuit, tiedye ky re-joins Esseks to continue their tour. The bass powerhouses tiedye ky descended upon the nation’s capital, making a stop by Flash DC to share some of their favorite tunes with us.

Even on a chilly, classically DC spring evening, experimental bass and downtempo fans flocked from all over the DMV. And they were more than ready to support tiedye ky and Esseks for the third night of their self-named tour. Joined by chromonicci, Indobeats, and Mikayki, the entire night was a musical odyssey spanning a wide array of genres.

Flash DC’s elevated venue is a playground for even the most astute audiophiles. Thanks to its custom Funktion One setup, the main room features one of the best sound systems in the DMV. Flash DC’s intimate yet communal space brought an entirely new energy, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. As the crowd trickled in, I could tell almost immediately that this night would be one for the books.

tiedye ky esseks

Let’s dive into the show, shall we?

I made sure to get to the venue early so I wouldn’t miss out on any of the action. The openers warmed the crowd up with some fan favorites ranging from funk-inspired trap to dnb to 140. I knew almost instantly that I would be in for quite the treat.

tiedye ky kicked off his set with live vocals to his track “Lover Boy.” Over the night he played many of his other top hits, like “We Found Love Here,” “Never Cage a Butterfly,” and “Living Right Now.” His energy was calm and introspective; his punk-inspired vocals layered over downtempo bass beats washed over the room. He interjected nods to Lab Group and beautiful tributes to the late CharlestheFirst. He even artfully explored the crowd’s vibe by mixing in bass house tunes and high-energy bangers to level out the mellow dreaminess of his penultimate album release.

Brimming with energy, Esseks’ closing set was a genuine release. His final act urged the audience to let loose and open up to the power of experimental bass. Esseks’ set was a lesson in making the most of the moments between drops. He carefully curated the heavy waves of bass frequencies and chaotic breakdowns but still left enough room to breathe and appreciate his musical mastery.

tiedye ky and Esseks are a match made in experimental bass heaven

The entire night was the perfect homage to the bass music community that flourished over the last few years. Together, we shared moments to sing, moments to scream, moments to dance, and moments to appreciate the stillness of the music. A cathartic release of energy and love, you’ll be punching the air if you miss out on this tour. The good news: there are still plenty of tour dates all across the country, so be sure to snag tickets for you and your squad here!

tiedye ky esseks

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