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We can confidently say God ‘gave us this day, our daily bread’ because it’s Rhett Whatley‘s MF birthday! The groove collector has been helping us through tough times by brightening our days with surprise merch drops, constant live streams, and new music.

Since joining the Daily Bread Family Facebook group, I’ve learned countless bread puns, but I’m not crumbplaining. It’s refreshing to see a group of people come together and be so uplifting in the community, and it just shows how much it’s a reflection of the joy and peace Whatley’s music brings to our lives.

On a separate note, I’ve noticed so many people introducing him to others by saying he sounds like [this producer]. But the Philos Records producer has such an extensive discography, it’d be a disservice to not recognize his accomplishments!

Since Electric Hawk is all about music-sharing culture, to show appreciation for Daily Bread and his talents, I thought I’d share with you some of my (personal) choice of Daily Bread songs that’ll help you feel less alone during this self-isolation. And what better day to do it on my dude’s birthday? Get ready to feel toasty because this music is about to feel hella warm inside.

“Time Slip”

It’s probably the most relatable song right now since the days have been blurring together for most of us. “Time Slip” was released 6 years ago on Out There and even then, Whatley shows how masterfully he can manipulate sound to take us on a psychedelic space journey.

“In the Darkest Hour (Trouble on My Mind)”

Perhaps one of Daily Bread’s most popular songs, and for good reason… Because everyone can relate that, ‘It’s fucked up when you’re mom’s playing tricks on ya.’ The musicality Whatley shows with his use of instruments and different vocal samples give you a taste of what his music is like (if you’re new to him)!

“Sum Luv”

Divided Souls (Daily Bread’s LP with Derlee) is probably one of my favorite records of all time… A literal masterpiece. It was hard to choose which song to put in this article, but I thought I’d lighten the mood with “Sum Luv.” It’s just one of Whatley’s many beautiful, feel-good love songs.

“Find A Way”

I can’t go without mentioning this hopeful track that Daily Bread and Artifakts actually dropped when everything was going down. “Find A Way” features two talented musicians who created something you can listen to whenever you’re feeling lost—which for a lot of people, is right now. You can read our full thoughts on the track in this article.

I’ll have to end this here because if I don’t, it could literally go on forever. But hopefully, I’ve done my part in spreading the bread and you’ve heard some new music!

Daily Bread streams live all time and on various platforms, so make sure to follow him on socials and keep up with where he’s streaming next. He’ll actually be doing 2 shows with Lazershark this Saturday, so make sure to say happy birthday!

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