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Alix Perez is back again, this time with an electric two-track drum n’ bass EP. The 1985 Music boss has been working hard this summer. Just a few weeks ago, he put out a couple of tracks on the 1985 compilation album, Atlas / 1. That was more than enough to hold us over for the summer, but the legend decided to drop another blessing on us this past Friday with his new, Empty Words EP.

On Empty Words, Alix Perez blends sounds beautifully to create two signature tracks that add to his long list of masterpieces.

The first tune on this massive EP is the title track itself, “Empty Words.” Full disclosure, based on the title, I expected some soothing, soulful liquid. As soon as the first note hit my ears I realized that was not the case. This was another dive into the dark, minimalistic realm, and I am completely here for it. A trademark Alix vocal cuts in, and leads us into a ghostly drop that takes us through the rest of this journey. As with every song of his, the attention to detail is remarkable. Every note perfectly placed, every drum pristinely manufactured. This effort creates the desired environment and allows the minimalistic experiment to maintain its excitement.

Following up on this masterclass is “Burning Babylon” a deep, rolling, thumper of a tune. The beginning immediately brings nostalgia to a prior Alix release, “Post-Mortem,” off of the Ravana EP. While “Post-Mortem” is in the 140 range rather than the 170’s, the introduction has a similar sound and gives off the same energy. As the song builds, Alix ramps up the tension, leaving the tune ready to burst. And burst it does. “Burning Babylon” explodes into a deep, body-shaking drop. He perfectly blends that nostalgic sound into the drop, providing a fulfilling listening experience. With a crisp drum pattern and intense flashes of beautifully crafted bass, this tune is certain to get the dance floor moving. To no one’s surprise, Alix Perez has once again provided us with top-class music.

Listen to Empty Words, out now via 1985 Music:

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