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Finally, the collab we’ve all been waiting on, Player Dave and Black Carl! just dropped their Fallen Petal EP. Giving us the best of both worlds, this two-track EP has something for the drum and bass daddies and the leftfield bass baddies.

Black Carl! at Okeechobee by @markwlsh
Player Dave at Okeechobee by @kathysnapped

Undoubtedly, Player Dave and Black Carl! have started 2022 properly. From Player Dave selling out his DEF Boiler show with Lab Group in seconds to Black Carl! being announced to play the ultimate West Virginia homie-fest, Yonderville. Not to mention them absolutely throwing down at their Okeechobee sets, and just announcing a set of shows together in upcoming weeks. Now the two are taking their bestie behavior to a whole new level by releasing their Fallen Petal EP.

The EP kicks off with “Petal,” a track where each artist’s signature sound really shines through. The atmospheric intro is instantly met with a low rising bass frequency that forces its way to the foreground. Operating in seamless synchronicity, these two sound elements compliment each other perfectly throughout the track, much like PD and Carl. Sprinkles of drum ensembles and vocal samples maintain the energy, which you’ll need a lot of for this next track.

“Fallen” delivers that drum and bass flavor we’ve all been craving recently. Coming off of Player Dave’s “Dumb – dnb edit” and Integrate’s (Black Carl! & VCTRE side project) “Lidocaine,” it’s obvious drum and bass will be a mainstay in these artists’ sound moving forward, and we couldn’t be more excited. The ominous and iridescent undertones initially introduced find themselves infused with an industrial drum and bass sound. Liquifying completely, “Fallen” pours over us in an all-encompassing manner, enchanting us from start to finish. Can confirm, nothing hits quite like PD and BC! DNB.

Check out the Fallen Petal EP Below!

Also, if you live in the Denver, Colorado area, then today is your lucky day. You can catch both Player Dave and Black Carl! performing tonight at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom with OAKK and Chmura for Shift Thursdays. Something tells me you might even get to catch them playing out these tracks live. Grab your tickets here!

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