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Renraku reveals their latest compilation titled INFOHAZARD, and it’s filled to the brim with exceptional bass music, from atmospheric to cataclysmic. Released on September 16, Renraku once again successfully sets a new standard for experimental bass music. INFOHAZARD uplifts some of the most notorious producers burgeoning out of the underground.

Renraku invites new artists to be showcased on INFOHAZARD

The Minneapolis-based label consistently puts on underground talent from all over the world; INFOHAZARD serves as another opportunity for fresh talent to be exposed to Renraku’s listeners. For example, Texas local sv1 appears on Renraku for the first time with INFOHAZARD. In fact, he opens the compilation with a celestial, atmospheric track called “Caustic.” Swedish-based Sabroi also debuts on INFOHAZARD with “Zoom,” showcasing his impeccable sound design and glitchy composition.

renraku infohazard sabroi zoom
Cover art for “Zoom” by Sabroi; art for INFOHAZARD and associated singles designed by matt.psd.

Without a doubt, Renraku expertly recognizes rising talent and generously lift them up onto a new platform. Not only are these artists exposed to a new audience, but potentially inspire other artists on the compilation, as well.

Renraku recruits familiar faces for INFOHAZARD

Several talented artists resurface on Renraku with tracks on this compilation. A frequent on the label, N² returns to Renraku with a euphoric hyperpop-esque instrumental dubbed “STASIS DEMON.” Polish artist Ankou shows off his prowess for sonic contortion in the quavering halftime track, “Transient Curse.” Additionally, the enigmatic Boingo Hotspot combines drum and bass elements with breaks and a touch of mania in “›❚⣃ⶾ⎀ⰲ⽷ⷆ.” Of course, Minneapolis local ALEPH impresses with their dynamic track “Paradigm,” sending listeners through a morphing wormhole. Renraku regulars including Nu Partial and Vhsceral stand strong on INFOHAZARD, as well.

Indeed, Renraku reveals one of the hottest bass compilations of the year with INFOHAZARD. Including other underground talents XOXOXOXO, HØST, and INTRCEPT, listeners will undoubtedly be refreshed and impressed with this collection of boundary-pushing music.

Check out the entire INFOHAZARD compilation below!

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