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The “three-headed beast,” as they’ve been called, Ternion Sound, gives us more vulnerability in their new ‘Illusory Contours‘ EP. This EP marks the reconceptualization of their vision for this project and what it means for the future of bass music, especially within the U.S.

In addition to releasing music, they have taken a leadership role in sound design potentiality and making themselves highly accessible to the community as a resource for music education. They were also able to answer a few questions related to this new EP:

Christian Ramirez, Electric Hawk: You guys released with Manuka Records before, what makes this debut different than other past projects?

Ternion Sound: Our last EP with Manuka felt really full and aggressive. This one carries the same energy but is more stripped back overall. It was fun trying to make it a bit more minimal.

C: What were the muses for this new EP? How did you guys form an idea for it?

TS: This EP was inspired in the same way most of our EPs are inspired, it’s what we’re feeling and listening to at the moment, but our take on it!

C: What, if any, were the biggest obstacles for you guys when making this EP?

TS: For the most part, everything came together smoothly. Working with vocals like we did on “Watch” is always an extra bit of trickiness, but when they click in right it takes the track to a whole new level. 

C: What sort of emotions do you all experience when you’re about to put out new music/art?

TS: Writing and playing music is the fun part. Finalizing details and marketing… eh. (Old Gold smashed the visuals though!)

C: So you guys are joining Manuka Records; what are your goals for this project releasing on Manuka Records? 

TS: We love what they do, they dig what we do.

C: Are there any contrasts to the music you’ve made prior to this EP? How would you say your sound is evolving and how does this EP represent that?

TS: We’ll let the listeners decide that!

C: What do you guys do for fun when you’re not producing? Do these activities ultimately help your production process?

TS: It’s good to keep your ears open to all different kinds of music and techniques. We listen to everything under the sun and that helps us make things that are interesting hopefully.

Ternion Sound in the Red Rocks tunnel before their opening set
Ternion Sound // Photo Provided by Ternion Sound

Ternion Sound creates an unreal EP with Illusory Contours

The EP begins with a dismal, growling synth in The Summoning,” joined with kick-snares that start to engulf the listener. The song is decorated in breakbeats that are to die for, but not yet; you’re still needed for what’s to come.

Soon after, you learn that what has been summoned is none other than the talented Vandull, who takes “Watch” by storm. His flow immediately takes you by the ear into some UK-grime sound that is more managed but sped up in tempo that compliments the delivery of his lyrics.

Afterward, where Vandull left off, Ternion Sound picks you up with a more intimate track in “Just Want U Close,” with a beautiful underlying melody. Sampling Alicia Key’s verse from “No One,” the trio makes it their own. By garnishing it with an everpresent, low bassline and consistent drumbeat, the song provides a playful aura that resonates instantly with listeners.

Finally, the trio sets you down nicely within some bubbly drums in “Illusory Contours” that sound as if they cave inward and swallow the listener within an overabundance of layered synths and basslines. Again, Ternion Sound does a fantastic job merging these elements to create an audio-illusory contour within our minds.

Illusory Contours EP

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