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Woofax and Willdabeast come together to give us Watching The World Go By, a tantalizing collaboration released on Gravitas Recordings. This intimate and energetic fusion of genres will have you bopping to the grooves of live-instruments and funky basslines. This is a fun and captivating EP that is sure to make it on everyone’s daily rotation. Seriously, Watching The World Go By is stellar. Woofax and Willdabeast’s blend of their sounds actualizes their initial ideas inspired by previous releases on Gravitas.

Teaming up to create a an eccentric masterpiece, Woofax and Willdabeast have a long history of wins

Woofax and Willdabeast
Portrait of Woofax

The main creative force behinds Terravita and Hot Pink Delorean, Woofax is a celebrated electronic engineer. Working with artists such The Floozies, Dillon Francis, and Excision, Woofax has had their original music licensed to known networks such as Netflix and FOX. Not only that, but Woofax created the iconic dubstep anthem, “Sexy Party” as one later ego, Tremourz, then remixed it as Terravita. Woofax continues pushing new limits to music and sound design, expressing himself like never before.

Woofax and Willdabeast
Shot of Willdabeast

Willdabeast, a duo comprised of Will Glazier & Dan de Lisle, are considered to be one of the top horn-based acts in the electronic music scene. Cementing themselves within the electronic music scene, Willdabeast contrives an authentic and memorable sound. Using live wind instruments (like trumpet and trombone) and samples, the bass-slanging duo offer a refreshing sound that is complex yet digestable. Willdabeast charismatically invokes a feeling in fans that stands alongside other acts like GRiZ and Big Gigantic.

Watching The World Go By is a culmination of top tier sound design and electronic engineering

Woofax and Willdabeast ascends to new heights with Watching The World Go By. Leading with “Parallel Night,” the brass instruments weave a dreamy, sonic terrain that ensnares you by your senses. You can clearly see where the two parties meet and coalesce to bring about a beautiful introduction. Taking it from there, “Merely Players” steers the journey down to a more bass-dominated sound. The bassline slowly becomes the star with the hyponotic vocals supporting the structure, all while the instruments subtly builds around throughout the course of the song.

“This feels like a great culmination of making fast friendships with creative, like-minded humans. Back when I wrote for Terravita, I never would have been able to release music like this. I really appreciate the scope Gravitas has for understanding what Willdabeast and I envisioned.”

– Woofax

Picking up with a subtle switch in tempo, “Gettin Busy” begins with a hip-hop style rhythm accompanied by live flutes and vocals and slowly morphs into a more glitch-hop sound. With horn sections meticulously placed over the growling bass kicks, this song beautifully transitions into the final leg of the journey. “Spinnin Up” takes the preceeding build-up and multiplies the intensity of the basslines. Accompanied by carefully placed vocals and live instrument components throughout the song, “Spinnin Up” slowly sums up this body of work. The cohesive and flawless mixing of Woofax and Willdabeast’s unique styles guided us through this otherwordly journey.

“This album has been a long time coming. In a world filled with hardships, this album helps provide a glimmer of the contrary. With open arms, this collaboration was established, and in the exact same fashion, you are invited in to the world of Woofax and Willdabeast; a bangin’ yet blissful auditory experience between two established bass producers and friends. So join us, and instead of merely just Watching The World Go By, let’s use our time together making the most of it.”

– Willdabeast

Woofax and Willdabeast’s collaboration, Watching The World Go By, is an amazing audio masterpiece. We found a new perspective on the artists as a whole, and as separate acts. Being able to distinctly hear their styles intertwined together is splendid. This is a fun and captivating EP that is sure to make it on everyone’s summer rotation. Their song process and design made for an energetic and funky chef d’oeuvre that will brighten up any mood!

Be sure to listen to Watching The World Go By below and check out more from Woofax and Willdabeast!

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