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As the seasons slowly change, nothing feels more perfect than for GRiZ to release his kaleidoscopic journey with his fourth installment of Chasing the Golden Hour. The beloved mixtape returns for another vibrant collection of tracks to bring that flawless curation of a blissful and dreamy atmosphere. GRiZ is ready to take us on a journey through the roads while we chase those golden moments in our lives that we are craving. And we hope you are ready to hop in for the ride!

The return of GRiZ and his most cherished series Chasing the Golden Hour pt. 4 is here!

Whenever the latest edition of Chasing the Golden Hour is released, it has become a tradition to play the mixtape in the perfect situation to engage in the full experience. Immediately, GRiZ unleashes those magical plucks that are recognizable for the Chasing the Golden Hour vibe. As we start with “Mystik Dub”, the tempo begins with a hard bouncy groove and elegant symphony of melodies. While we were originally sitting down, sipping on our tea, the chromatic tones grab ahold of our body as we stand up and start swaying beside our window! This time, we are familiar with those emotions that come with Chasing the Golden Hour and GRiZ transports us back to those good moments to reminisce on as we transition to “Your Light”.

As the first single from Chasing the Golden Hour pt. 4, “Your Light” brings those rays of sunshine that sparkle along our skin and radiant our lives. This is our moment to be thankful for the lights in our lives. Whether it just be the sun gracing us, our significant others, our best friends, or just whatever it may – GRiZ allows us to be appreciative of the tiny things surrounding us. Through the smoothing grooves and fascinating dreamscapes, the light surrounds us and we just simply have to dance to the beauty of the cosmic energy that blesses us.

Now as we “Keep Bouncin'” along to the good vibrations that encircle our morning, GRiZ knows how to keep us upbeat. So far we have been holding onto our tea while we groove around but now it’s time to set it down. Throughout “Keep Bouncin'” the jubilant and silky bounces gives anyone that suave atmosphere to not care. That “no one can mess with my vibes” kind of track that we all need.

Until now, we are ready to slow down our worlds for the second half of Chasing the Golden Hour pt. 4!

“Airplane Mode” welcomes us with a moment to just turn off devices for a brief moment and embrace what’s around us. The legends ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier grace us with their pleasant and soothing vocals. The mellow and comforting harmonies grant us the opportunity to tune the vibrations of our daily lives. Now fully in “Do Not Disturb” mode as we just escape and enjoy this brief period to just take in the now. We are given our chance to look deep into ourselves and not worry about the future ahead but instead “Carry On” with the present.

GRiZ stops us and sends us a personalized message to reflect on our life. The idea of overthinking, doubting your path, and any other obstacle you have inside your head can be released. With a world that is filled with constant moving and not recognizing everything, you have done. “Carry On” is the reminder that we have been asking for from the universe. Enjoy the little things, don’t doubt yourself, and just feel good about yourself. This track is your moment to let it all go and just simply carry on with ease.

Following along with that newfound ease in your lives comes this soft and “Gooey” feeling we don’t recognize. GRiZ sprinkles in those enchanting melodies as we begin to up the tempo of the scenery. With the luscious trees, clouds and colors fluttering through, the warmth inside our bodies begin to electrify our aura. Throughout “Gooey” you are embodying those infatuation feelings coursing along as you begin to radiant. Smiles and carefree moments, as you just escape into new perspective of life you are encountering.

Photo courtesy of Jason Siegel

Finally entering the ending half of our journey as the sun begins to turn!

As we move onto the final third of the mixtape, GRiZ gives us the opportunity to keep the grooves going since we fully “On a High” now. For the ones that desire those disco vibrations, you will fall under a spell as the beat goes on. While the rhythms takes control along with the psychedelic atmosphere brings our bodies into a polychrome dance floor. GRiZ knows how to keep the good times rolling as we continue to move through. There is no way this high is going away anytime soon.

And while our head is in the clouds, there comes the moment where we need to find that inner peace. “4 Your Mind” beautifully encapsulates that sense of clarity and freedom within our own spirituality. All the anxieties, stress, and fears that linger within now have an ability to escape for a brief second. GRiZ gives that tranquility and realization that all we need is to take care of our minds to allow ourselves to shine. We are all always in our head too much when in reality if we simply just escape those thoughts, comes something brighter.

To conclude the whole journey comes a recognizable atmosphere all GRiZ fans will appreciate with “Sundown”. Slowly as the environment around us begins to dim, GRiZ transports us to a familiar place. As we close our eyes, we feel the cosmic energy encircle our bodies and bring those tingling feelings throughout. Back to some earlier roots of GRiZ as we feel those electro-soul vibes. Unable to keep the curves along our cheeks down, we just take it all in. As the final notes begin to play, we finally stare outside the window and witness the sky transforming from oranges to purples. And GRiZ leaves us off feeling grateful for these little moments in our life.

GRiZ unleashes those emotions we have been holding in!

Naturally for us, the whole Chasing the Golden Hour series has been released in past during times where we needed it the most. The cheery and sentimental value that GRiZ has within the series is astonishing. He always knows the right time to speak to the audiences and bringing aboard this spiritual intergalactic journey. From front to back, we are all brought together to remind one another that we are healing and growing collectively. There is no sense of loneliness whenever you put on a Chasing the Golden Hour track. Although it officially marks the beginning of Fall, it only just gives earlier opportunities to go chase the golden hour throughout our days. And that’s all we can ask for!

Feeling the cosmic energies that GRiZ and Chasing the Golden Hour pt. 4 has to offer below!

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