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While the sun continues to beam and temperatures rise, it is a spectacular time for the pristine label DOME OF DOOM to release their Spring Compilation. The independent label blooms and brings everyone some sweet underground refreshments to indulge in. DOME OF DOOM Spring Compilation features artists like QRTR, AHEE, DMVU, and LMNOP along with uprising artists like ZOF, Baby Weight, WHYS, NUU$HI, and many more! For those craving something rejuvenating and full of energy, get ready to dive right into this compilation.

DOMEOFDOOM Spring Compilation Cover

Nothing tastes better than some refreshing tracks from DOME OF DOOM.

For the ones that want to entirely escape into the Spring scenery

Whenever you just want to stop and smell the flowers or dissociate into your environment, DOME OF DOOM has some perfect treats for you. Immediately we get an illusory rendition from Heathered Pearls of QRTR and her remarkable track “With You” that allows us to sonically lock into our atmosphere. “Better Days” by Gnome Beats is for those early mornings as the sun begins to peak through the horizon. Through the mellow and soothing elements, Gnome Beats gives the audience a breath of fresh air to reminisce and enjoy the simple things in life.

ZOF Press
ZOF – Photo By: Max Benedict

Then comes along ZOF and their divine track “Day One” which continuously plays on repeat in our heads. The luscious percussion and heavenly vocals in the background bring celestial energy. “Day One” becomes the ultimate soundtrack for anyone that just wants to dance outside and feel the radiating sun’s rays. Or it can be the soundtrack during the Spring Showers while you watch the droplets touch the glass. Through such a short period of time, ZOF unleashes an elegant track that will make anyone feel the butterflies fluttering both inside and out.

For the ones that want to feel rejuvenating energy under the sun

NUU$HI - Press
NUU$HI – Photo By: Kina

Now as the sun begins to peek through, we start to feel this energizing surge. AHEE’s “Emotional Time Machine” is a meticulously crafted track that powers every electron inside our bodies. It builds the intensity that allows us to feel that “main-character” energy as we stroll through this exhilarating new season. Along with AHEE, the uprising artist Liquid Giraffe unleashes a magnetic tune with “Sweetart” for anyone wanting a soundtrack for their epic adventures. With the drum and bass influence, we feel the constant build of energy that elevates our mood throughout. Later on, comes a notable lively track from WHYS. “Trapezoid” is the epitome of a high velocity tune. Once the track starts, you can’t help but match your heart rate to the tempo.

Naturally, when a flow of energy begins to swarm our bodies we start to feel ourselves in the highest form. That’s where NUU$HI and their track “Agony” comes in. When you want to feel like a baddie, this is the song to play. The hypnotic soundscapes and intensifying chromatic percussions unleash the chaotic side that has been hibernating through the Winter. Now comes the powerful impactful track that regenerates us for whatever is next. NUU$HI strives to surprise the crowd with “Agony” and if you are needing something to prepare for the nights as the temperature rises, this is the track that will constantly bring you long-lasting energy.

For the ones that want to enjoy their youth spirit as the nights begin to feel warmer

Following the transition of longer days and warmer nights comes a new dynamic that gets everyone ready to enjoy themselves. LMNOP and his track “Ascension” starts the mood off right. The jubilant tone allows everyone to bounce and playfully smile as you and your crew discuss prep for the night ahead. The track allows you to forget that you are even getting ready since you will be having too much fun to even focus. And eventually when you finally make it to the function, comes the moment where you let the chaotic energy loose. DMVU and his track “Fortunes Favor” shows that the grime comes alive at night. DMVU at the helm sets a perfect mood for the unforgettable evening that’s about to be unraveled.

Baby Weight – Photo By: JuJu

Lastly, comes the euphoric and blissful track that Baby Weight reveals with “My Brain Is A Shallow Grave.” As the night hours begin to dwindle and the dancefloor slowly empties, comes the most sensual kind of energy. Baby Weight places the crowd in a trance as we close our eyes and just feel the vibrations of the track play out. Through the mystic ambiance, this becomes the moment for everyone to just lose control and flow along. The simple vocal “I can be whoever I want to be” in the background defines the exact state of mind we should be in now. Baby Weight empowers the crowd to give them a chance to be the person they have always craved to be. “My Brain Is A Shallow Grave” is our chance to fall in love with life and embrace the now before the show is over.

A blossoming compilation from DOME OF DOOM and we can’t stop listening to it!

DOME OF DOOM continues to strive to showcase some incredible talent within its label. They’ve come to develop their love of the underground through various genres so that everyone can find something they will love. The DOME OF DOOM Spring Compilation blooms into this perfectly curated piece of work. Also elevating some new talents like Bort, Salay, Nicklaus Gray, Maru, and BOSTN that are rising into the eyes of many, DOME OF DOOM continues to be ahead of the curve. In the end, if you have been craving something fresh, DOME OF DOOM Spring Compilation is just for you!

Spring Compilation Tracklist

Take a leap into something refreshing with the DOME OF DOOM Spring Collection below!

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