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The Floozies are iconic. Their latest album, Dayglow Funk, is a nonstop groove fest and instant electro-funk classic. Exactly what the doctor prescribed.

Kansas City natives Matt and Mark Hill are the super duo that is The Floozies. Dubbed “the undisputed kings of electro-funk” these two are irreplaceable when it comes to this genre of electronic music. Operating in true hive-mind fashion, these brothers rarely utilize a set-list; instead relying on sibling telepathy, improvisation, and chemistry to construct soulful sets that leave the people wanting more. Pulling heavy inspirations from Lettuce, Earth, Wind And Fire, and Chris Cornell; The Floozies get the funk down.

The Floozies released three singles leading up to the album; “I Ain’t Home” feat. Dirt Monkey, “Til Gone Day” feat. Tech N9ne, and “Desert Flower.” Each track highlights different skills in their arsenal, and this diversity is a perfect testament to the raw talent they share. In approximately thirty-seven minutes and forty-five seconds, Matt and Mark take us on a psychedelic journey filled with wobbly bass, face-melting guitar solos, and groovy vocal melodies. I couldn’t choose just one, therefore, here are a few of my personal favorites from Dayglow Funk.

“I Ain’t Home” feat. Dirt Monkey

The first single from Dayglow Funk. Dirt Monkey lends a hand with that wonky bass, and classic dubstep sound he’s known for. The Floozies, on the other hand, use soulful chord progressions, and far-out vocal harmonies to get you off your ass and into your dancing shoes. And as a result, they made the perfect first sip of what’s to come.

“Blow My Mind”-

I’m instantly transported to my hometown skating rink. I’m at the late skate, skating backward ’cause I can do that. Yes, I know, impressive. However, let’s stay focused. This one’s more groovy than a bag of Ruffles. Everything in this song screams “Roll Bounce”. Classic 70’s funk with that Earth, Wind and Fire feel. It’s got that hip-rolling bassline and those perfectly placed synths you feel deep in your soul.

“Only With You”-

This is the one. This one feels like summer at Sherwood Court. The song begins with what I like to call sunshine chords; chords that just sound happy. The vocals are smooth like silk. Have The Floozies ever sang seductively to you before? Passionately? Slow, but on beat? Because it’s really something else. It’s a solid stoner jam for your upcoming 4/20 celebration rotation. Not to mention, perfect flow music to relax the mind and decompress for a little while.

The rest of the album is equally impressive. “Ah Jeez” uses a Rick & Morty sample and a wavy wobble bass. “Desert Flower” utilizes trumpets and guitar rifts that will blow you away. “I Want It All” literally got me pregnant, and we are just so excited for our little family. Each track is different from the rest, but familiar to the sound that I’ve always loved from these two. It doesn’t matter if its dubstep, classic rock, rap, or R&B. If it’s got a beat, The Floozies will funk it up, and they’ll funk it up good.

Stream Dayglow Funk by The Floozies below, and support your favorite creatives:

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