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*ALARM NOISES* Not a drill. New banger alert. Kumarion and Smoakland have teamed up for the High Rollers EP, released via Deadbeats on Friday, May 12.

The electric three-track EP begins with “Worth All the Wait” featuring the voice of UK Trap don and 1/2 of Stooki Sound, jELACEE. The intro tricks you into thinking you’re about to be on the sultry R&B vibes – and then the beat kicks. It transforms into an absolute powerhouse of a drum and bass tune, and an EH favorite off the EP.

The title track follows. “High Rollers” is a track that makes you want to kick down a door, in a good way. It’s the perfect blend of Kumarion and Smoakland sonically: heavy, captivating, and high energy.

The trio wraps the High Rollers EP with “Fluxuations.” Airy vocals float above the winding sound design, slowing down the tempo, but maintaining the heat.

Kumarion and Smoakland have been on a co-headlining tour to celebrate the EP. The High Rollers tour kicked off at Soundcheck in Washington, D.C., and hit several more stops before wrapping up the multi-week run in ATL and Detroit, on May 19 and 20 respectively.

Kumarion and 1/2 of Smoakland sat down with Electric Hawk for a very serious interview. Roll one, turn on the High Rollers EP, and read their compelling responses below.

Abby Price-Offermann, Electric Hawk: You’ve been shredding a multi-stop tour with each other, and still have several dates to go. What is your favorite part?

Kumarion: If it’s a new city, I always try out the local street food, if I have time. It’s probably my favorite thing to do.

Smoakland (Harry): I’m looking forward to smoking joints in back alley-ways, and going out to eat with Omar & Anthony.

Do you have a pre-set hype routine?

Kumarion: Well… Since we’re in a cult, we generally try to have a sacrifice at least an hour before the show. 

Smoakland (Harry): Same! We like to sacrifice one local DJ. We find our favorite and offer them up to the drum & bass gods.

What have been the most exciting moments of planning a headline tour versus traveling as support for another act?

Kumarion: It’s nice to meet the fans that genuinely come out for you. That’s one big difference between doing a support slot on a tour vs. a headline.

Smoakland (Harry): It’s more fun to be the headliner – to have the full vision and control everything top to bottom with your artistic vision for the shows. But it’s always a pleasure to tour with Omar!

You’re in the green room. You have the munchies. What is your must-have Green Room snack?

Kumarion: I don’t have a huge preference, I don’t like eating too much before a set. All I know is that Anthony [Smoakland] likes to eat juul pods.

Smoakland (Harry): Chicken tenders & weed.

What is an artist or genre you love that could be considered a guilty pleasure?


Smoakland (Harry): Justin Bieber.

Who is the better joint roller of the Smoakland duo?

Smoakland (Harry): me, not even a question

Tell us about one terrible high idea you’ve had.

Kumarion: That I could handle a dab before a meet and greet.

Note: if you were negatively affected by an overly stoned meet and greet with Kumarion, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Both projects recently played Red Rocks. First off, Congratulations! HUGE! Secondly…

On a scale of 1 to 10, how red were the rocks?

Kumarion: Honestly I thought they were a bit orange, but that makes for a terrible name.

Smoakland (Harry): 8.7, was expecting a little bit redder.

Describe your ideal tour stop. Where is it located, what’s the capacity, any small details that are a must, etc?

Kumarion: Well a good sound system makes all the difference. Mutiny in Salt Lake City knows how to set a standard!

Smoakland (Harry): In The Bay Area, at Oracle Arena where the Warriors play, 30,000 sold out fans for a 5-hour set. Skrillex is the opener.

Would you rather… only be able to smoke mids or only have access to mids venues and sound systems?

Kumarion: Referring to my last answer, the sound system is a make or break for me.

Smoakland (Harry): I would rather do mids venues…I’d never smoke Mids.

What is your favorite memory with Kumarion?

Smoakland (Harry): Getting in the studio & writing this High Rollers EP. It was just so fun and we learned so much from each other. Was such a fluid process all the tunes basically wrote themselves! 

What is your favorite memory with Smoakland?

Kumarion: Absolutely enjoyed our time in the studio writing the EP. I can say that we’ve learned a lot from each other!

A “High Roller” is defined as a person who gambles or spends large amounts of money. What is your FAVORITE thing to spend a large amount of money on?

Kumarion: I’m a guilty Uber eats orderer. 

Smoakland (Harry): Weed.

Listen to the High Rollers EP from Smoakland and Kumarion here:

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