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We know it’s been a few weeks now since The Untz Festival took over Browns Valley, CA, for an unforgettable weekend, but we’re STILL NOT OVER IT. The Untz felt like the perfect welcome back after a very long 2020. A true return of listening to good music with good homies.

What’s up? My name is Corie Odom, and I’m sure you’ve read my words a few other times on Electric Hawk’s blog. I had the absolute honor of representing EH at The Untz with the lovely Toni Nittolo, who you’ll meet later. Let us share a few of our favorite highlights from this weekend.

Corie: First things first, reuniting with the homies!!!! With 2020 forcing all relationships to be virtual, it was an incredible and almost overwhelming feeling to meet people that feel like your best friends, in person, for the very first time. Then once you get over the initial “omg, I can’t believe you’re real,” then you realize you get to spend the next 3 days with them in the hot California sun throwing down to some of your favorite artists. So now you’re feeling spoiled.

Toni: Finally meeting so many friends in person felt so new but so familiar! I was at ease immediately. Conversations and laughs flowed naturally right away while we shared stories and talked about what we were excited about that weekend; the lineup was thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

Day one, the energy was unmatched

Corie: Now, let’s get to it. Walking in and seeing those huge stacks of Funktions at the main stage had me sweating. An Electric Hawk favorite, Saka, kicked off the whole festival. Setting the tone for the weekend, his set was an absolute party. It was impossible not to get down. Soon after Saka, we were blessed with Cheethos (Chee B2B Digital Ethos), which had the whole crowd acting up. Another standout for me was the Yheti b2b Of The Trees set, all 140bpm, all ass thrown. We also can’t forget Electric Hawk’s very own bd hbt leaving us speechless during his Above / Below takeover set.

Toni: Before The Untz, these were so many of my favorites artists that I had never seen live. Saka elicited screams from the crowd when he dropped his edit of “Cake.” Later that night, Yheti threw down a set that was unlike any I had ever heard. The energy, setlist, and transitions perfectly captured his artistic aura and vision. Above / Below gave us stank face for hours with killer trap, among other genres. Chee drove that energy onward with a set ripe with grime, halftime, and drum and bass.

Nothing beats Saturday at a festival

Corie: This particular Saturday was extra sweet. I may be a little biased because all my favorite artists were set to play one after the other on the main stage, but this day was it. Have to start by saying, a Hawk. set at sunset? How is that legal? Then heading straight into VCTRE, who annihilated all of Northern California with that set. Then Of The Trees took the stage, with another favorite from the weekend, had me shaking parts of my body I didn’t know could shake. Then rounding out this insane run was headliner, CharlestheFirst, who, to no surprise, brought the heat.

Toni: Corie said it best; Saturday was packed with great music and great times. Canvas played at the peak of the afternoon in the sizzling California sun. They kept it cool, but that didn’t stop them from serving heat! Shortly after, our very own Tate Jordan held a spoken word poetry workshop. She created a welcoming environment that encouraged people to be vulnerable and create art of their own. Also, I have to give a second shoutout to Black Carl!. Of course, he’s that special kind of artist to attract and energize a crowd while the sun begins to rise. Personally, I will never fail to lose my mind whenever Black Carl! plays “Almighty Push.”

Everyone loves a Sunday rally

Corie: Despite Saturday almost taking us out, we had to give it our all on Sunday. This day was all about takeovers, baby. Between the Spicy Bois, the Deep, Dark, and Dangerous crew, Lost Dogz, and Wormhole takeovers, we were truly on the FLOOR. Using every last bit of energy left, I still had it in me to go hard at Electric Hawk’s very own FRQ NCY’s set at 3:15 am. The festival closed out in the sweetest way possible with a sunrise Ternion Sound set, which is just *chefs kiss*

Toni: Spicy Bois brought high-quality heat that matched the California afternoon sun. Following this massive back-to-back was Integrate, and did not disappoint. The duo kept the energy flowing, and the incredible stage production put the cherry on top.

Thank you The Untz Festival!

Overall feedback from a weekend away at The Untz is extremely positive. No doubt in our minds we’ll be taking the leap and hitting up The Untz again next year! Also make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Toni’s interview with Yheti and our interview with Integrate, both dropping very soon!

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