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Last month, SSKWAN introduced us to the mystifying world of Sharlitz Web. Now, the enigmatic producer has spun her web around the downtempo imprint’s big sister label, WAKAAN. The black widow will be making her debut with Spider Cider, a 2-track EP, and we have an Exclusive Electric Hawk Premiere of the opening track just for you! So, sit back, relax, and sip on Sharlitz Web’s “Ill Will.”

sharlitz web Ill Will Spider Cider Art
Sharlitz Web Spider Cider EP artwork

Sharlitz Web channels spine-chilling energy with “Ill Will.”

Now that we are familiar with Sharlitz Web from her last release, the quality of “Ill Will” comes as no surprise. With basslines as sharp as a knife, and a glitchy distorted melody, this track twists us right up into her haunting web.

Sharlitz music is a medium for the energy and emotions she feels for her late sister Charlotte. It’s evident that her hair-raising production skills are from the soul and will be making heartfelt moves for years to come. We look forward to Spider Cider and entering all that is in the realm of Sharlitz Web.

If “Ill Will” is speaking to you, you will want to head to WAKAAN’s Instagram. You may gain superpowers… or you may gain some EH, Sharlitz Web, and WAKAAN merch. 😉

Be sure to stream our exclusive premiere of Sharlitz Web’s “Ill Will” and let us know what you think!

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