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What the hell is going on with Freddy Todd and Of The Trees? After a series of curious Instagram stories from both artists, we were wondering the same thing. It all seems like a blur between a cactus king, aliens, and a doctor? Don’t ask us.

Although we had our own hunches as to what they two were busy doing, it turns out they unfortunately weren’t doing witchcraft, but instead working on their side project, Blaap.

In a post on the Temple Of The Trees Facebook group, Of The Trees confirmed this theory, commenting, “…if you hadn’t picked up on it yet, Freddy Todd and I have a side project we’ve been picking away at for a while called ‘Blaap.’ We recently wrapped up our first release and have been working on a follow up.”

Freddy Todd also mentioned the Blaap project in an exclusive Electric Hawk interview in March of last year. When asked about it, he answered:

We just kind of naturally formed in the crust of an enlarged underground jellyfish.. It was quick, but painless. You could tell all the fellas were smiling when the primordial ooze washed off of us during the birth of our trio, forming the greatest band to ever breathe weed, both old and new.

Freddy Todd on Blaap

“Trio” referring to the other member of Blaap, Nat Nat.

If our curiosity wasn’t peaked before, it sure is now. Go follow Blaap HERE to keep up with all the latest news and forthcoming music!

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