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VALE released their exhilarating compilation, Awareness Vol. II, in acknowledgment of World Autism Awareness Day, April 2nd. After astonishing audiences with their drum n bass compilation, Global Extraction, Vol. 1, VALE continues to redefine experimentation and innovation in Awareness, Vol. II. However, it’s not only a collection of jaw-dropping beats from the underground; Awareness, Vol. II is also a charitable effort.

VALE donates all purchase proceeds from Awareness, Vol. II to Music for Autism.

Indeed, Awareness, Vol. II is available for purchase on Bandcamp, and that money will then be donated to a charity organization, Music For Autism. Founded in 2002, this charity strives to enrich the life of autistic children and adults by curating concerts and interactive musical activities with autism kept in mind. In agreement that music is something people from all walks of life should enjoy, VALE raises money for Music For Autism for a second time.

Their first Awareness compilation released in 2018 with the same purpose – donating 100% of proceeds to Music For Autism. It boasted a roster of familiar names, including Abelation, ALEPH, Jon Casey, and Keota. This hindsight further proves that VALE undoubtedly keeps in touch with the pulse of the truly inventive underground. As expected, VALE maintains this trend in Awareness, Vol. II.

vale awareness vol 2 track list

Atmospheric, delectable, and destructive tracks from upcoming experimental artists.

VALE presents 21 tracks total in Awareness, Vol. II, and each one is not quite like the last. Some are hypnotically beautiful and immersive, while others are psychosis-inducing and explosive. However, all tracks are sonic masterpieces worthy of being in any audiophile’s library.

Lossvoise and Shryne open up the compilation with “Magic Bird.” This cinematic track creates a quiet technicolor jungle made of metallic leaves, reflecting shades of muted teal and pine green. Enveloping listeners in its mesmerizing atmosphere, the duo lulls listeners with its calming, biosynthetic imagery.

Later in the compilation, Deescawa departs on a tropical vacation with “Aftertaste.” Chirping birds alongside a tranquil keyboard melody blends like a piña colada, while the jazzy vibe and funky bassline are energetic sunrays reflecting off of clear blue ocean ripples. 

58DUST closes out the compilation with a relentless onslaught of neuro-influenced sounds and a ferocious blitz of drums. “Without Mention” is a masterclass of experimental composition, hand-woven with the intent of breaking the listener’s brains. Add in threads of cybernetic and glitching synths, and this track is the perfect way to tie off this fantastic tapestry.

When a compilation is so ripe with talented artists spanning across genres, it’s impossible to select a favorite. VALE showcases other notorious names like Subp Yao and Aagentah, Aeded, Ankou, and so many more throughout the Awareness, Vol. II compilation. Not only can all of these artists be uplifted, but purchasing this incredible compilation will also support Music For Autism.

Please, consider buying Awareness, Vol. II and helping VALE to support Music For Autism.

Cover art for Awareness, Vol. II by Lost Signal and NIK P.

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