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At long last, Integrate gives the gift of drum and bass with “Lidocaine.” Released on October 21, cutting-edge label VALE hosts this track as part of their drum and bass compilation. “Lidocaine” stands as one of the most highly-anticipated tracks from Integrate to date.

integrate lidocaine
Black Carl! (left) and VCTRE (right) together as Integrate. Shot by Ashton Johnson.

Together, Black Carl! and VCTRE form Integrate, one of the most intriguing projects bursting forth from the underground. These two Birmingham boys shared the origins of Integrate with Electric Hawk in a live interview at The Untz Festival. During that conversation, it became apparent how genuine and bubbly these artists are – a fascinating contrast to their growling and demonic production.

Both as separate artists and as an unstoppable duo, these two are exploding. Not only does their production continue to level up, but they’re also performing shows across the nation. Black Carl! made several appearances alongside EPROM this summer while VCTRE toured with Minnesota. Furthermore, their festival announcements are dropping relentlessly; most recently, they revealed that both of them will perform at Okeechobee 2022 as solo artists and Integrate.

As Integrate, jaws of bass fans everywhere dropped when they unveiled performing alongside Khiva, Truth, and CharlestheFirst for a specially curated New Year’s Eve lineup. They also set DEF Global aflame with their set at the coveted Atlanta event in September. VALE, with some of the sharpest ears in the industry, inevitably recruited Integrate for a release; the fact that it was the drum and bass heater “Lidocaine” is an even greater gift to listeners.

Integrate hypnotizes listeners with a dose of “Lidocaine.”

“Lidocaine” is a local anesthetic, meaning it numbs the area around where it was applied or injected. In this track, Integrate utilizes a smooth drum and bass rhythm to underline echoing vocals and growling frequencies. These sounds lull listeners to be completely enveloped in the track.

Integrate often incorporates celestial and otherworldly sound design into their tracks; “Lidocaine” is no different. Quavering synths and grumbling frequencies compose parts of the melody. Additionally, the meticulous composition falls in line with their style, but they expertly reenvisioned it for drum and bass. These classic yet altered Integrate sounds, in tandem with resounding vocals, create an absolutely addictive track.

Although “Lidocaine” is the first instance of drum and bass from Integrate, fans everywhere hope it isn’t the last. While this genre is new territory for the duo, the general consensus stands: their production is perfect for drum and bass. Thanks to VALE, this track can finally be heard at any time. However, showgoers pray that Integrate drops “Lidocaine” live at their Hometown Halloween show.

Be momentarily numb to the woes and worries – listen to “Lidocaine!”

Cover art for “Lidocaine” designed by ASMU and NIK P.

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