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The new piece from the Brooklyn-based producer is the first from his upcoming EP The Uncertain Future set to release April 29th, 2022. Esseks unveils a daunting self-titled track, once again proving he is a pioneer in the electronic music scene.

Having appeared on record labels such as Wakaan, Subcarbon, Gravitas, and Deadbeats over the years. Sam Eckstein has reached the decade mark for the Esseks project and continues to use a brilliant level of sound design to visualize his emotions. Proving that time and experience have only sharpened his craft. His most recent album The Villains Journey a nine-track masterpiece that was released in the summer of 2021, brandishes familiar levels of sentient, perceptive vibrations with beautiful storytelling.

From the start “The Uncertain Future” draws the audience in with eerie synths, rythmic hats, and deep foreboding bass.

Pulling the air from the room with expertise, Esseks leaves unsettling anticipation for the drop. As this harrowing intro reaches its peak, the room is ripped into a new dimension with a unique blend of distorted horns, trap-inspired drums, and heavy waves of bass frequencies. Following this aggressive breakdown returns the soft recoil of the introduction, leaving an ominous final breath. Intertwining dozens of unique layers, this instant classic leaves us all in anticipation of this anomalous new EP.

Showcasing his talent as an artist of many forms, the electronic music producer illustrated his art by hand for the new single and announced that each track on the new EP will have its own art and tarot card.

Experience Esseks live at these stops:

March 24th @ Trio – Charleston, SC
March 27th @ Soho Studios for Deadbeats VS Cyclops Recordings – Miami, FL
May 21st @ Red Rocks Amphitheater – Morrison, CO

Don’t miss this work of art, listen to Esseks’ “The Uncertain Future” here!

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