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As the pressures of the day surround us, we escape from reality with Dabow and CARLIE and their new track “2MINUTES,” released on March 9th through KUMO Collective. As the duo explores new territories with their sounds, they build an iridescent landscape that the audience finds comfort in. Through all the hardships, there are no worries about flashing too bright with these two. Before you rush off, spare “2MINUTES” to check out the exclusive interview with Dabow and CARLIE!

Artwork by @6amsunset

Escape from your surroundings and fall into “2MINUTES” of tranquility with Dabow and CARLIE!

Immediately, Dabow surpasses our expectations with luscious and hypnotic undertones. While we fall through an iridescent spiral, the serene tone flows through our bodies. We feel the hairs along our arms rise, accompanied by dynamic vocals from CARLIE in the heavens. Through the chromatic landscape, we feel the groove and animated ambiance from Dabow’s production. Within the main chorus, the dulling energy that once surrounded us evaporates as we are slowly filled with life through the harmonies. Along with the help of CARLIE’s charismatic lyrics, we smile as the tension within our hearts eases.

Naturally, “2MINUTES” is a breath of fresh air, giving the audience a chance to extinguish the fire that resides internally. From CARLIE’s personal lyricism to the dreamy, energetic melodies from Dabow, we circulate fully through our emotions. The duo reminds us that we are not alone in the whole process. With both their hands fully extended out for us to reach out, we make those first steps toward a calmer mentality. And sometimes it just takes 2MINUTES to take that leap into a brighter direction.

Left: CARLIE , RIGHT: Dabow

seradopa from Electric Hawk: What are the origin stories of the “2MINUTES” coming to life?

Dabow: Origin stories are, in part, myself trying to get more into the “pop-y” stuff. Experimenting with singers and getting some radio vibes going! Which indeed worked – BBC premiered it!

CARLIE: Yeah, he messaged me on Instagram. He said he’d heard “Highs and Lows” and he wanted to work with me. Literally only took me half a second to say, “Yes!” Especially at the time, I was a [much] smaller artist than him. So I was very excited that I was even on his radar, you know? And he sent me the track over. Then straightaway, I was like, “Yeah, I’ve got ideas!”

Dabow: I consider myself a versatile producer. And that’s why I needed to get myself (and the fans) into what’s happening in those other corners of my brain. The switch from “trap-y” to “house-y” was actually something I couldn’t stop, it kinda did itself!

CARLIE: About six months ago, we both were like, “The track is done.” But I think there was a sense that both of us didn’t feel it was 100% right. Then when it was coming up to get a release date for this, he decided to try out a house version. And straightaway, we were like, This is really cool – let’s blend the two together!”

seradopa: Dabow, since you are essentially doing something different, how does that make you feel as an artist? Does it make you a little nervous to step away from a genre that people don’t know you for, or is it exhilarating for you to experiment and just have fun with it? Do you think, being an artist, this becomes harder since the industry isn’t necessarily a state of calm, and there is always a sense of pressure whether it be external or sometimes mainly internal?

Dabow: I’m definitely nervous because I don’t have the background in this style, and fans are definitely not used to this side of me! Hopefully “2MINUTES” will bring new fans. I don’t necessarily feel pressure but I do feel a jump-into-the-void feel to it. [Laughs] But I’m jumping! The pressure feels definitely internal. I love this question!

seradopa: “2MINUTES” brings a story of someone constantly setting themselves on fire [metaphorically] and being on this endless high, avoiding slowing down to focus on the internal struggles that linger inside of us. How important do you think it is for everyone to just sit down and process their emotions rather than trying to escape them?

Dabow: I can definitely relate to that! But in a way, it’s always “facing the internal struggles” in the end. I think that “2MINUTES” is actually an invitation to get into that inner struggle. After all, talking about it is the first step! By the way, CARLIE absolutely crushed the lyrics!

CARLIE: [Laughs] Yeah, that pretty much sums it up! About seven years ago, I was at university and I went through some really hard experiences. It took a really long time to rebuild myself. Over the last couple of years, I found I’ve been in a really good place with my mental health. I think there was a sudden point when everything had settled down. Then the turbulence that I felt before wasn’t there anymore, and it made me get this itchy feeling or think is something going to go wrong? It made me feel like I almost wanted to self-sabotage. That was such a weird feeling for me because I hadn’t felt that before. So writing this song weirdly dealt with that feeling! I find that a lot with my music. Taking an uncomfortable feeling, writing it in a song, and then at the end of it, you have something really positive that you can look up to and feel proud of!

seradopa: You’ve come a long way within the past few years with your releases through the Vapor Twitch label and community, to a massive EP release, and also this new release with KUMO Collective. How does that make you feel – spreading your music and your voice to a lot of different people?

CARLIE: It’s exactly what I wanted. Really, I started off doing the Vapor Twitch stuff, and I did really like that style, but it is very niche. My taste for music is much wider than that. I’m following what I really like, rather than at the beginning and I was a bit unsure of exactly what I wanted to do. Whereas now I do the things I really want to do, and that seems to work so much better because your heart’s in it.

seradopa: How does that progression feel to you? Now that you have gone from a very niche genre to more house or Electronic-Pop/Electronica.

CARLIE: It feels really natural. I think at the beginning, it’s a lot easier to break into a smaller genre. And that was such a great sort of launchpad for me as an artist. But as time goes on, there are so many different types of electronic music that I love, and they feel more natural to me to write to. Then that’s only going to expand more as the year goes on, which is exactly what I wanted.

seradopa: And for you Dabow, within the past few years through your releases – the massive releases with Dome of Doom, FMU Records, and of course the massive remixes, performances, and accomplishments over the years – do you tend to look back and think about the progression you have been making for yourself?

Dabow: I would definitely say to myself: just be patient and analyze the opportunities and the people that are around you. But I guess nothing would change. Maturity is only brought by time.

seradopa: Same with you CARLIE, what would you tell yourself, like two years ago when you started to where you are now?

CARLIE: To have a bit more confidence and trust my instincts. In the beginning, I was quite hesitant to speak. I always have an idea of how I want a song to go or what works and doesn’t. When I was starting, I didn’t have that same confidence, and I think that does come with experience. Then over a certain period of time, you start to think, Yeah that is right, that doesn’t need to be that way.” Overall, if I was to tell myself anything, it would just be to keep working and learning. Eventually, you will know exactly what works and doesn’t.

seradopa: Dabow, how does being Argentinian influence your music and creative process? Especially being based in Argentina, currently away from a good chunk of the noise from the industry, what inspires you constantly be shining a bright light on your Latin heritage?

Dabow: I’m actually now more connected to Latin American music than ever. That’s where I started, Reggaeton, Cumbia, etc. Being away from the industry [the US] is definitely a struggle regarding career growth. Although, it’s also like being an eagle, watching everything from the sky. 

seradopa: You’ve been in the industry for quite some time honestly. How do you think the industry as a whole has changed since you were first starting making music? And are there things that still need improvement?

Dabow: From when I started, the music has stepped to a secondary spot in my opinion. If you’ve got a strong image, and you are based in the US, you are going to get opportunities and your fanbase will grow. Before, there weren’t as many producers as there are now, and the platforms aren’t so much “communities” but more of a “showroom.” Today, I think we are more “products,” but you gotta move and adapt to the new industry models and all social media experimentations.

seradopa: And CARLIE, since it’s officially Women’s History Month and this track comes out the day after International Women’s Day, how does it feel to be a vocalist and artist in this current day environment? Must be a little different since you are in the UK rather than in America, but are there any differences?

CARLIE: In terms of being a woman in the music industry, now is the best time in history to be a woman in the industry. Before this project, when I was in a band, I’d go to gigs, or I’d go to studio sessions. I don’t know if I ever saw a woman be a sound engineer or a woman producer. I’ve had the same experience since I’ve been doing the CARLIE project. It is a very male-saturated area, isn’t it? I mean, most things kind of are.

I think being a woman in this industry is definitely not hard. But I do have to be quite strong in my opinions and make it clear what I’m capable of. It’s been really important for me to make it clear that I do also produce my own vocals and handle a lot of the creative aspects.

seradopa: Are there any changes you want to be made when it comes to being a vocalist or an artist?

CARLIE: More women doing this really – doing everything else that the guys are doing in this community! I’ve been told so many times, “Just stick to vocals and don’t bother doing the production side.” For a while, that held me back and I was like, okay, I’ll just stick to vocals.” Whereas now it’s “No, I want to do this. I want to do everything I can. I’m capable of it.” So why let anything stop me, you know? Give women the confidence to know how much they can achieve. It is nice, especially in terms of smaller artists, to see more women doing the production side.

No “2MINUTES” is ever the same; re-listen to the new track from Dabow and CARLIE below!

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