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VCTRE drops his first project of the year, Toad Juice, which has made me hate 2020 a little bit less. It’s time to take a break from the dumb bitch juice and sip on this instead.

A master in the space bass realm, VCTRE consistently delivers these crazy low-end bangers. Toad Juice features six unique tracks, each just as good as the last.

“Toad Juice”

The lead single for the EP gets us properly warmed up for what’s ahead. What do you get when you mix a scene from Men In Black II, drums, and a crisp and cronchy beat? Toad Juice.

“Red Card”

The first time I listened to this track loud, I let out the biggest OOOOF possible. The variations of sound and layers, ugh we are simply not worthy. I didn’t think I could stan any harder, but here we are.

“Bowser VIP”

My very favorite from the EP. VCTRE really shows that he is, in fact, the boss. A silky smooth beat with a nasty drop. I have a perma stank face after listening to this one.


This one had my roommates and me dancing all over the apartment. An infectious beat that anyone can get down to. I just want to pregame to this and toss my tail around something serious.


This track has such a unique sound and style. It reminded us why we love experimental bass so much, no rules or limits, just straight madness.


Such a beautiful closing to this EP. I got absolutely trapped in this low and slow track. This song had me wanting to watch the sunrise and maybe shed a tear or two.

Once again, VCTRE did not disappoint. He popped off with this EP, and he popped off last week on Twitch with his DnB set (I couldn’t go without mentioning that it was the gas.) We can’t wait to see what’s up next.

Give “Toad Juice” a listen below

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