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Electric Hawk is very excited to premiere “Through the Silence” by Ravenscoon from his upcoming EP, Mind. Dropping today, on 4/20!

image art by Oozium

We first heard a preview of this song in an interview with Noise Shack Radio that Ravenscoon had. This made our beaks over at Electric Hawk abruptly stand up if you know what I mean. 

“Through the Silence” by Ravenscoon creates a complex soundscape that is so immersive it lives up to its name.

The track begins with trancey synths that are melodic and wistful tempo that is amplified by majestic vocals. This track is a reminder in the EP, that Ravenscoon can not only drop in some filth, but can also take you on a euphoric ascension.

“Through the Silence” brings you to a “silent state” where you feel suspended in space momentarily reflecting on yourself. Reflecting on what exactly? Well, that is unique to each listener. It is sure to have you sitting by your window with mental images of wonder, adventure, and beauty.

We are grateful to Paul for giving us another work of art, for he really does love us. He recently gave us a live-stream on our very own Night Flight series and on the 40oz Collective takeover. He’s even performing for Electric Hawk’s very own Harmony Virtual Music Festival later this week! Ravenscoon is giving us what we need to survive this quarantine and if there’s one person I cannot wait to see perform live after all this, its him <3

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