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Still coming up hot from his infectiously groovy track, ‘Frequency Shift’, Sully cranks up the heat from his last release and furthers his growing footprint in today’s world of bass music with his latest single ‘Break The Floor’.

The song cuts to the chase and has you bracing yourself only a few moments in as if rushing towards the top of a roller coaster, gazing for a brief second at the top, and suddenly Sully slams the pedal to the floor, pushing you down through the madness of his gritty sound design and adrenaline-pumping low frequencies.

Sully Break The Floor
‘Break The Floor’ Artwork

Two stellar releases under his belt so far, Sully seems to have this year wrapped up. Keep your eyes and ears on this rising star now, and if not, there’s no doubt he’ll work his way into your favorite artists’ future sets very very soon.

Listen to Sully – Break The Floor below.

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