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Black Friday got a whole lot darker this year with the release of Sully’s debut EP, Break The Floor via Wakaan. Sully’s names been buzzing around the industry for some time now, but this 7-track EP will give him the spotlight he deserves. Featuring two other artists, Fetish and Isaac Castor, this EP hits many different genres including mid-tempo, dubstep, and drum and bass.

This Los Angeles based, Icon Collective product is making waves in the industry. Sully has a sound like no other and it shows after being named top of his IC class.

This EP is a culmination of projects I made when I was trying to find my breakthrough moment as a producer.

– Sully 

This album is outstanding from start to finish- there’s so many different elements through each and every song. Here’s a quick preview of some of our favorites!

Break The Floor 

This previously covered title track will have anyone hooked by the first drop. With that low, drawn out drop, this is perfect for any bass lover. The track was originally released as a single back in April and we’re happy to see it back as a title track!


The first collab on the EP with Fetish is fitting to the name starting out with slow creepy vibes. The first drop gives us some wonky mid-tempo leading into the rest of the song. The deep, dark vocals that lead into the second drop keep us going ’til the end.

Wreck It

Sully served us the drum and bass we had all been waiting for. You might have heard this dropped somewhere prior to the release because it’s absolutely fire. The perfect build up into the perfect D&B drop. Give this one a listen if you haven’t already!

Slow It Down 

This collab with Isaac Castor is the perfect way to wrap up the EP.  Slow It Down gives us a deep trap vibe with Isaac Castors vocals over top, creating the perfect duo. The deep subtle drops make this the perfect song for any multi-genre music lover.

Listen to Sully- Break The Floor EP below

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