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Satisfying, pulsing, crowd-rattling, and just down right heavy, Sully’s new debut single “Frequency Shift” is a result of what a fantastic combination of a terrific groove and splendid bass music production can achieve. The track kicks of by engulfing you with sinister bass rips and a nightmarish atmosphere, followed by his tinkering of drum and bass inspired percussion and fitting his signature jagged synths in like a puzzle to cement the melody and explode with energy.

Traversing over the boundary of evoking you to feel if you should go buck wild or let your soul simply follow the beat, it’s unpredictable how these sounds will encourage you to react next, and at the core, that’s top-tier production.

Frequency Shift
Sully’s Logo

But this is not a surprise from someone like Sully, a Student of the Year graduate from ICON Collective, the same music production school that headliners like JAUZ and NGHTMRE began their journey. Currently based in LA and roommates with the don, PEEKABOO, he made the move from Michigan years ago in pursuit of something greater for that which is “Sully”.

“Sully has been my nickname ever since I was a kid, so this new project is a lot more personal to me. I want this brand to be a reflection who I really am as a person, not just a producer.”

And here he is with “Frequency Shift“, ready to sweep us off our feet and show the world the culmination of his work over the years.



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