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No, that wasn’t yet another earthquake happening over in LA right now that you just felt. It’s Sully, back again with another monstrous bass music release causing all these shock waves, ‘Quake’.

Hop aboard the Sully hype train if you haven’t already, with massive drop after drop this year such as ‘Coast to Coast‘ and ‘Break the Floor‘. After recently recovering his SoundCloud account from being hacked, we’re grateful the music and most of his deserved following remained intact.

Captured by Mike Feegs

Swooping in with an eerie atmosphere, ‘Quake’ kicks off with unnerving skittering synths that swiftly builds the tension, and in the snap of the finger, the snapping of necks begins paired with a wildly groovy rhythm that takes over and leaves whomever was a victim to this cutting-edge sound design on the floor in awe.

Listen to Sully – Quake.

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Dariel Leiva

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