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Houman gives us the pleasure of providing earsplitting waves for 60 minutes on Electric Hawk Radio, featuring his live set from Victory Lane’s show in Chicago.


Houman – Proximity (Houman Mash)
Mythm – Midnight (Houman Mash)
Jetset – Know Me From Bootleg
BeauDamien – Valdereza
J. Cole-K.O.D. (Houman Flip) 
Numatic-Levitate (Houman Mash) 
Fryar – AOAS
Houman – Circuit Bender
Houman & Fryar – FYBYM
Houman & Fryar – Falling In and Out (Houman Mash)
Houman & Dugosh – Paradigm Shift 
Fryar – BRR
Skew-Acid Meltdown
Fryar – Numb
Houman&Digital D-Cooked Edit
J.I.D.-D/vision (Houman Edit)
Houman -Sentiments from the Axis (Outro)
Houman & Digital D – Foul Child
Mac Miller-Small Worlds (Outro)

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