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Let’s rewind back to early December. Cyclops Recordings just launched their first mission and Subtronics announced a massive production contest! The rules were simple- use as many samples as you could from his Angry Robot Noises Sample Pack via Splice to create your own track. The prize was every underground producer’s ultimate dream- releasing a track on Cyclops Recordings! Once the winners were chosen, Subtronics and Cyclops Recordings went full speed ahead with the Splice-Ops EP.


We haven’t heard the other entries, but it’s clear why Subtronics deemed these the Splice-Ops EP winners!

This EP is an exemplary example of the forward-thinking music Cyclops Recordings promise to release.
EXEMPLR kicks off the EP with “Speak Of The Devil” and we’re already able to pick out some of the Subtronics samples that were included. Next, Ahee spices things up with “Dungeon Master”, a track we cannot wait to get down to at a show! Up next, coming from all the way from the UK, Jeulzzz presents us “Cryax!”. Last but surely not least, boss babe Stitch gives us a heavy dubstep track, “Voltrage in Splice.”

Ashley (Electric Hawk): Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few quick questions for us! How’s 2021 going for you so far?


Subtronics: So far it has been for sure better than 2020; we have vaccines and our President acknowledges basic science, which is kinda nice. I’ve been enjoying spending all my time writing music, just like back in the day before rigorous touring schedules, and have been keeping in more touch with all my internet dubstep friends. I feel very very lucky, to be honest, because as a cave troll I really do love staying home and sitting in front of a computer screen all day and night. It is a lot like groundhog day though and I can’t seem to wake up before 4 PM now. It has been nice to see our dog grow up (too fast) and get better at cooking. Weed consumption is at an all-time high as well.

On the flip side of that, I’ve also been spending several thousand hours overthinking my creative process and direction, as I’m sure all artists are right now. But I’ve been thriving exploring all the corners of bass music I was previously either too busy or too afraid to try. I’ve been feeling passionate about continuing to evolve and grow. And I think since the last time y’all have seen me versus now will be a very noticeable upgrade. From pacing, to musicality, to “immersiveness,” I have found the importance of taking people on a journey that ventures not only through the heavy and angry music but all other expressions and feelings that I wish to convey as well, while still retaining the absolute smash your face in energy. 😇

A: Ever since the initial announcement of Cyclops Recordings, you’ve been changing the entire dubstep game. In the past 2 months, what do you think your biggest accomplishment with Cyclops Recordings is thus far?

Subtronics: Awww thank you so much. I feel so weird co-signing compliments like that because to me soooo many others are doing so many incredible things, but it really does mean a lot to me that the stuff I work super hard on can have an impact on others 🙂

My main goal is to break out new artists who deserve a platform to share the really exciting new sounds they are producing. I think the Space Wizard and Guppi EP’s were a TRIUMPH. I stand behind their tunes so hard. We have sooo many insane releases coming up. I’m just extremely excited to watch all these talented artists grow. We also just dropped a new Splice Ops EP featuring a bunch of super hardworking up-and-comers that submitted literally ridiculously good tunes using my sample pack.

A: What’s it like being able to curate your own label and handpick artists that you get to represent? Are there any labels that put you on as a smaller producer that inspired Cyclops Recordings?

Subtronics: It is for sure extremely rewarding. I sleep really well knowing that I’m doing my best to pay it forward because yes exactly; there have been so many labels or other artists that have helped me along the way. I feel absolutely obligated to do the same. From Prime Audio to Black Label to Round Table to DeadBeats— so many different groups of talented selectors have believed in my music and that means so much to me. I wish to do this for others. I am always finding awesome new songs and want to share them, so If I can’t play them for crowds I have to find some other way. Sometimes just tweeting a SoundCloud gem isn’t enough lol. You gotta literally sign it to a dubstep label 😅😂


Who are some of your favorite up-and-coming producers in the scene right now?
Was this sample pack contest a roundabout way to discover/highlight underground artists?

Subtronics: Voltra, Moore Kismet, Syzy, Van Fleet, Space Wizard, Akeos, Underscores, Everything released on Halcyon, Akvma, Tripp st, Nuushi, Veer, joeB, PHONON, grape milk, jiqui, Executioner, GUPPI, hol, Automat, Ace Aur, Former Her, Neonix, Camoufl, Dank Frank, Cyclops, Maahi, Papa Khan, Hukae, Exempl, Ahee, Stitch, Juule, Jedwill 99., Qwaston, Drvmme, Dkka, Agon, D’lion, Saka, Voysol.

And also….yes lol

A: And lastly, what can we look forward to from you this year? 

Subtronics: SONGS AND STUFF. (collabs, singles, new genre exploration, safe outdoor shows, a lot of Twitch streams. Some extremely mega huge stuff I can’t talk about just yet.)

Be sure to check out the tracks from the winners on Splice-Ops EP – OUT NOW!

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