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It’s been a few days now since the long-awaited 2021 Summer Camp Music Festival 20th Anniversary celebration, but we’re STILL not over it – and likely won’t be for a long time. SCamp felt like the perfect return to Three Sisters after a long 2 years without it. A true reunion full of good friends and great music.

Let’s Start From the Beginning

The term for Friday that immediately comes to mind is HOT. After all, it was a ripe 93 degrees outside that day. RIP to all of my fellow field campers. We’re proud of everyone for making it through. But, let’s talk about the real heat – the music. For those that were brave enough to exit their campsites, we were blessed with one hell of a surprise. Break Science turned into Manic Science when a member unexpectedly could no longer make it. I guess everything at SCamp has a bright side, doesn’t it? What a phenomenal kick-off. Next, we got to see some Electric Hawk family, the iconic duo Levity, take over the GoodBus. They had everyone MOVING. Pushing into the evening we were blessed with Emancipator, Maddy O’Neal, Whipped Cream, CloZee b2b LSDream, and finally Subtronics. It was impossible not to dance all night.

A Superior Summer Camp Saturday

This particular Saturday was extremely sweet. I started off my day with Twiddle at Moonshine, which was one of my favorite sets of the weekend. Then, I got the pleasure of seeing STS9 again. No Summer Camp is complete without STS9 throwing down at the Sunshine stage while the sun sets behind them. A true SCamp staple in my eyes. To cap it all off, we ended the night with solo sets from LSDREAM and CloZee. Talk about transcendental.

A Marathon not a Sprint

Hm, hard to put into words what happened this day. To keep it short: pure excellence.  Summer Camp really said ain’t no rest for the wicked on this day. Let’s jump straight to the headliners. A THREE 6 MAFIA SET?? I feel humbled to have caught the legends in one of my favorite places. Then, there was Tipper. No information was released prior to the set, so everything was a surprise. A pleasant one. There wasn’t a single doubt in my mind that he was going to blow the metaphorical roof off. However, I didn’t expect him to go that hard.

Image courtesy of Tara Foto

Accompanied by the eye candy that Cullen Hassel provided, I think it’s safe to say we all had to pick our jaw up off the ground by the end. Words can’t even explain the mess that left me. To end the night we were blessed with Detox Unit into G Jones into Griz?? Get. Real. Name a better way to spend a night – I’ll wait.

Thank you Summer Camp 2021!

Overall feedback from a weekend back at Three Sisters is extremely positive. Summer Camp did an amazing job of keeping things clean for us. They kept us safe. Kept us happy. They kept us dancing. We’ll see you Memorial Day Weekend 2022, Scampers!

See you at Summer Camp Music Festival next year!

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