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We’ve been seeing a lot of excitement surrounding this latest release from Cyclops Recordings. Guppi, a fresh face and innovator in the bass music scene has just dropped his debut EP, Ocean Floor. Believe us when we tell you, this EP has blown our expectations out of the water.

Ocean Floor is different than anything we’ve heard in a long time, and it’s fit to surprise even the most eccentric of bass music enthusiasts. Featuring four tunes marked by layers of intricate sound design, Guppi has created a new realm within electronic music.

Guppi’s signature sound sits right at home with the Cyclops Recordings eclectic catalog.

“This EP to me is the punk rebellion of bass music. A middle finger to anyone that tries to put rules on artwork and tries to confine bass music to a specific box. One of the weirdest, most forward-thinking, intentionally broken-yet-undeniably-genius things I’ve heard in a long time.”

– Subtronics

Guppi pushes the boundaries of sound design all while embracing the playful, off-the-wall elements of his own personality.

“For my first EP, I wanted to put the sound I’ve been creating under a microscope,” Guppi shared about his release. “My goal was to have these songs be heavy while attempting to make the most true to myself sound I could.”

Guppi’s unique take on bass music shines throughout the EP with tracks like “Forbidden Sound” and “Modern Talking,” which show serious potential for international DJ support. Can you imagine hearing these live? At first, “Hereafter” and “Trapped” reminded us of something within the G-Jones realm of sound.

However, these tracks have a mind of their own, and Guppi is incomparable to anyone but himself. A true innovator, it’s safe to say that he’s made it on our list of people to look out for in electronic music. We can’t wait to hear what Guppi creates next.

Dive right in to Guppi’s Ocean Floor EP here.

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