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You have to stop what you’re doing. Head to your car, or a car, and blast Integrate’s remix of “Blag Blag,” off of Hullabalo0’s Habanuero EP. This massive reinvention will 2-step you to the club and back, before melting your face off before bed (call that skincare).

Integrate Blag Blag Remix ElectricHawk
Integrate. Photo by @underground.exposure_

Huge shoutout to Street Ritual for letting us premiere this “Blag Blag” remix by Integrate. Where the original chewed you up and spit you back out, this remix gives you a whole different approach. I mean, this song will kick it sideways with you in the opening beat, then drop you into a quick sparring match like you’re in the Gulag. I know, mixed emotions, but it is so good.

You can feel the momentary bliss of the landscape on this “Blag Blag” remix, just for it all to morph into some good ‘ol dubstep.

If you didn’t know—like I didn’t know, Integrate is actually the collab-baby of none other than Black Carl! and VCTRE. This explains a lot I’m sure, especially the permanently induced bass face.

Releasing on Street Ritual, this remix is a huge powerhouse on its own. A heavy hitter that must be heard on a proper sound system, so you can only imagine what the rest of the album sounds like, too. Don’t worry, I got y’all on that.

A top-tier compilation, curated by a label heavily rooted within the American bass music scene.

Street Ritual is a beacon for growth within the underground culture and bass music scene. They are able to blend energies from the realms of dubstep, neuro bass, drum & bass, halftime, and kinetic psychedelia. Basically, Street Ritual truly has their third ear open to the everchanging soundscape of the dance music scene.

Give our Exclusive Premiere of Integrate’s “Blag Blag” remix a listen below and let us know what you think.

AND be sure to pre-order the remix album on Bandcamp here!

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