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Liquid Stranger is back at it again with a new EP: Unity dropped with SSKWAN on February 16, 2023. He’s typically been coined “a heavy dubstep artist,” but this EP proves, once again, that he can break out of those labels and produce a wide variety of music.

These five tracks are tapping into Liquid Stranger’s downtempo-production side, making him unique and, in his own words, unpredictable. His ability to hone in on different sounds are unique and keeps us listeners on our toes. Ultimately, Liquid Stranger’s goal with Unity is to shine a light on the beauty of various realities, but have one uniting force – togetherness.

Now, let’s come together and plunge into Unity.

liquid stranger unity
Liquid Stranger, captured by Jason Siegel

Free Range” starts off with what sounds like distorted bells, instantly luring listeners in. Bubbly beats pick up, with a crescendo of perfectly planned melodies. These melodies take us to the upbeat chorus of the song. If there’s one thing Liquid Stranger knows how to do, it’s hook listeners quickly and immediately. This track left us ecstatic and dancing, excited to see what else Liquid Stranger has in store in Unity.

Smoke N Hope” – we know this one. Released as a single, this track’s intro takes us somewhere else – somewhere beautiful. J.Lauryn’s ragga-influenced vocals are warm and strong, all at once. This track is our personal favorite because of the perfectly curated vocals and beats that work in harmony together.

Do you feel a sense of Unity yet?

Up next is “Moon Rover” – a song we imagine playing while driving on a highway on the ocean coast (or maybe the moon). Blasting through the speakers with the wind in our hair, this track calls in some deep bass. Personally, we believe the title of this track is perfect because we can tell Liquid Stranger saw movement in this track.

Another perfectly named track, “Event Horizon,” the intro immediately had us wondering what’s on the horizon. It’s mystifying and perplexing in the best way. The tempo of the beat drives the track and takes you through the fleeting rhythm.

Closing out the EP is “Arizona,” slow and engaging. The intro takes us back in time, chiming at the perfect volume and speed. Then, the vocals invite you into the chorus of the song. The slowest track on the EP, it wraps up the five-track EP perfectly.

Through these five unique and special tracks, we believe this EP achieved its goal of creating a sense of togetherness. Do you agree? You can come together to see Liquid Stranger on the stage at festivals like Bonnaroo, Lightning in a Bottle, and more this year. Previously, he sold out WAKAAN Music Festival and three nights at Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado in 2022. His sets are ones you truly don’t want to miss.

What does Unity mean to you? Listen to the new EP below!

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