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While we glide through our epic tales, within the town comes the most heartwarming fable as the storyteller Aethoro shares their latest album sketchbook. with us, which was released on March 3rd. We enter through the picturesque moments and triumphs in our journey with Aethoro. For a brief second, we are given a moment to escape into this imaginary world and wander through the meadows, beaches, and towns. All through simply sitting and slowing down time to watch the illustrations from the sketchbook come alive.

sketchbook. album artwork

“sketchbook. is a story of two long-distance friends recollecting and revisiting the shared imaginary worlds of their childhood.”

– Aethoro

Get ready to step into the breathtaking world of sketchbook.

To begin on the enchanting wonders comes a sparkling chime from “blanket” that awakens us to start our tremendous journey. From the chilling piano chord progressions, we transition slowly to the calming melodies of “Lilypads. Through the soothing ambiance and notes, we are given a chance to interact with our new world as we feel the warming rays from above and the crisp air brushing our skin. Now, we must pick up the pace with no time to waste. However, we aren’t alone as we become accompanied by a new friend. Through “Unravelling,” our new companion Moon Jelly encourages us to let our imagination run wild and escape into our fantasies. To become fearless and have no second thoughts as we move onto the next adventure in the sky.

We’re now soaring sky-high as we float into our fantasies.

At this point in our adventure, the weightless energy sweeps us up in the clouds. “A City, Above the Clouds” is a triumphant tale of encountering wonders beyond imaginable. Although with such wonders come obstacles to overcome. Aethoro showcases the tale’s composition through the ethereal melodies that slowly escalate into the climax of a breathtaking spectacle. Unfortunately, this delicate moment doesn’t last forever. As we slowly descend through the clouds onto the flowery field, “peony” allows us to stop and joyfully glide our hands through the petals around us. To observe the wind orchestrating a beautiful ballet to the flowers as they dance along to the breeze. This performance becomes an incredible “Pastime” as we wait for the festivities to begin.

Before we leave our imaginary world, it’s time for us to catch the sights in town.

“Windmill Festival” is a joyous event that comes only once a year. A momentous ceremony that encapsulates the heartwarming beauties that the town has to offer. While we dance through the vendors in the street and watch the windmills glide so gracefully above us, we can only stare in awe at the wonderful moment and twirl along with them. And in the background, we hear the tide crashing along the beach, with kids in the “Tide Chase” spirit. The curves along our cheeks arise as we watch everyone filled with joy.

Finally, to conclude our epic tale, we grab our “Sketchbook” and reminisce about our epic adventures. As we illustrate the colorful landscapes, our hands tremble as we genuinely don’t want to leave this place yet. But from a distance, another longtime friend Vally.exe accompanies us and reminds us that this truly isn’t goodbye to this world. The combination of the duo gives us an unforgettable closure to our tale to tell our friends about. And as the chimes sing, our time in this imaginary world is over as we return to reality.

Aethoro reminds us that sometimes we must escape into our imaginary world in our sketchbook.

Naturally, sketchbook. becomes a timeless collection of tracks that allows anyone to dream up their imaginary epic tale. Aethoro reconnects us with that youthful spirit that lingers within all of us. A chance for it to roam free into the outside world and bring that jubilant energy to your everyday life. Without a doubt, sketchbook. makes you experience that “main-character” energy of when you were a kid fighting off villains and going on legendary adventures. Overall, the album reminds everyone that it’s okay to reminisce and revisit childhood memories and bring them back to life. You are never too old to have an imagination; cherish that childhood spirit always.

Revisit and embark on another journey with Aethoro and sketchbook. below!

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