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As we grasp onto the delicate moments of our lives, Kinoteki accompanies us on our exploration with their new album Dawn of the Final Hour, released through Tabula Rasa Record Company on January 5th. Kinoteki shares with us the intimate emotions of love, heartbreak, and anger through a variety of elements and soundscapes. For just a brief moment, we are given the chance to escape into the purest form of raw mental state and release the tension. If you are ready to embrace the adventure alongside Kinoteki, the clock is now striking for the Dawn of the Final Hour.

Kinoteki - Dawn of the Final Hour Cover
Cover Art: PB

“The album name represents a final transmission. Dawn [of the Final Hour] started off as a concept album for a final dystopian radio set of a DJ’s mental breakdown. The songs are structured and written like they would be in a DJ set. As I arranged them in a narrative way,  I realized it sounded more like a break up album. I didn’t go through anything in the making of this, but I always fucking love the concept of one. They can be so dramatic for the littlest of reasons.”


Stepping into the experience of the Dawn of the Final Hour

Before stepping into the realm of our inner spirits, Kinoteki gives us the chance to free our bodies from all outside noise to help us give our full attention to the moments we are in now. Kinoteki refreshes us with a palette cleanser in the form of a title track. “Dawn of the Final Day” gives space to gather the mania that lives inside and let it flourish. We begin to slowly transition into the full experience, Kinoteki leads us to the first of many self-expressions with “Mastercard.” The collaboration with VYZER is ready to bring in that UK Garage atmosphere in our “final hour.” While we dance to the rhythm we prepare to get our heart rate elevated and ascend into the skies, and our head fills up with “Helium Dreams.”

This is our time to release the tensions from inside!

This time we are fully going full force into the anxious, restless energy that swarms us. “Helium Dreams” dives into the chromatically metallic and dreamy soundscapes that Kinoteki has created. The tension hanging in the air demands that we make moves and Kinoteki crafts a breezy environment to release it calmly. Once the release of this pressure begins, we truly now are able to carefully look inside our minds. “In My Mind” brings a sense of closure to the animosity in our lives. Kinoteki illustrates the whimsical and musing elements that live around us.

Now comes the heartbreaking tales of our lives!

Although not the most desirable memories to experience, there is always a humanizing tale that comes with heartbreak. Through the next few tracks, Kinoteki explores the motions and different realms that come from heartbreak. “My Broken Heart” dwells on the sorrow and ache that linger within our hearts as we stand by alone in our own dark thoughts while we personally crave for that someone and whisper to them “say my name” one more time. Through these stages of grief comes a new phase and lesson in our lives. “How to Fall Out of Love” demonstrates this lesson through a heavy and melodic journey into the aimless motions we perform in our everyday lives as we heal from our pain; the repetitive tasks we use to distract us. Kinoteki delivers a track for us to divert attention away from the heartbreak and instead wander in the world around us until we finally feel like ourselves again and feel the return of excitement.

Kinoteki Dawn of the Final Hour
Track art courtesy of Ioni Art

There is always a light that comes at the end of the journey!

To conclude the album, Kinoteki comes in with a song that is the epitome of true bliss. They capture the human experience. “Third Strike” is a very mesmerizing and sonically filling track that brings a fuzzy feeling into our heads. Kinoteki hybridizes the elements of IDM and breakbeat to capture a very melancholic track that elevates as you continue to listen. The track evolves into a huge expedition attempting to show you the rollercoaster that comes with our everyday lives. From hectic to mellow, soothing to angsty, and more all meshing in harmony to craft an epic to enjoy.

And then arrives a very warming track to wrap everything up. “Ecstasy in Limbo” dances into this picturesque world we have inside our heads and brings it to life. That serotonin boost swarms our brains and illuminates our reality. While it may only be for a brief period of time, Kinoteki pleads for us to twirl and whirl to the electricity that surrounds us. They ask us to relish in the kinetic energy that keeps our spiritual bodies alive, just wanting to dance with us. “Ecstasy in Limbo” brings a smile to our faces and reminds us of the delicacy of living.

Kinoteki encompasses an elegant array of tracks for us to indulge in!

Kinoteki elevates the overall standard of how to depict emotions into a seamless piece of work with this project. Dawn of the Final Hour reminds us of the beauty within both the good and the bad in our lives. There is artistry that arrives from the get-go as your mind begins to liberate itself from the outside environment. Naturally, Kinoteki delivers an album that is meant to be fully accepting of your inner emotions. Despite wanting to ignore them, Dawn of the Final Hour asks us to escape somewhere and soak in its elegance. And we sure plan to do so time and time again!

Soak in the elegance of Kinoteki and their new album Dawn of the Final Hour below!

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