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We have heavily supported him over the forming years of his career, premiered many tunes of his, and even thrown a live stream curated by him. Have you guessed who yet? Of course, we are speaking of the one, the only, the king of vibrant freeform bass… Super Future. And now, we have gotten a chance to chat with the rising talent about his “most important musical work to date.”

In this Exclusive Electric Hawk Interview with Super Future, we talk about his Equilibria EP—out now on SSKWAN, spirituality, and potential future collaborations. Just like his colorful downtempo EP is a must-listen, this interview is a must-read!

Delainey Rab, Electric Hawk: First off, I just wanted to say, Equilibria is absolutely stunning. Can you give us a glimpse into your thought process when creating the album and wanting to give listeners a space to heal?

Super Future: Thank you so much! It’s definitely the most mature and interesting evolution of my music in my eyes. And the writing process was equally interesting. I’m very open about microdosing while creating, and this was the most I’ve incorporated a regimented use of that for extra creative juice.

More importantly, though, Equilibria is the result of me (along with virtually everyone) really feeling the pain and the suffering of 2020 and wanting to redirect those emotions into something powerful to overcome it. I had been writing more music with emotional depth while being known as solely a “bass music act,” and then with the impactful unveiling of SSKWAN, by Liquid Stranger, I was really just waiting for the right time to bring this sort of sound to the forefront for my listeners. Knowing that the time had come, I cut off a lot of communication with the world and socials and just DOVE IN on creating what I felt could be my “magnum opus.” Lots of crying, microdosing, being alone, working with new instruments, designing sounds, and placing a lot of intention on the heart-opening feelings is what I did for a lot of last year.

[…] Equilibria is a masterpiece to me. 

We couldn’t agree more.

DR: The album has already been so loved and well-received. Considering you put so much emotion into it, how awesome does that feel?

Super Future: There have been many moments in my music career that I felt love from listeners, and I’ll always hold those moments so dearly… but this time it’s very different. Equilibria and all the music surrounding it (especially through my full downtempo sets) have brought about a much more authentic and real satisfaction. I’m finding out quickly that people resonate with this feeling even more than I expected after such a tough year… people telling me that they have cried, loved, tripped, and found inner peace just by listening through this album is showing me that this work is special. It’s a passion that really gives people a gift, and that’s the real artist exchange I’ve been chasing.

I can’t decide yet if this is the style that Super Future embodies at its core, because I LOVE bass music still, but maybe they will all converge and become a sound that I can call my own. Something real and emotional, yet with the power and balls of bass music. Now that I’ve typed that out I really like the sound of that haha. With what I have on the way, with SSKWAN and otherwise, I feel like that’s where I’m headed and my Super Humans have a lot to look forward to!

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I listen to a new body of work, I think about how it would be live.

DR: Ideally, how do you envision Equilibria being listened to? And what about an ideal setting to play it out live?

Super Future: I’m so happy you asked! Equilibria is a journey… I think the way I ordered it, album-style, is perfect. The opening track “Open Up” is the beginning of the deep dive inward, with a 3-minute intro that has such an amazing tension and release. That’s the jump-off point into deep metaphysical waters. The next few tracks exude beautiful and fun feelings, then it starts to get darker by the time you reach “Heart Beat” and “Shadow Twork” (a play on words for spiritual “shadow work”) and then some and beautiful moments to punctuate the journey with the last songs. “Radical Acceptance” is where we land and everything is ok and we accept our position in the universe. Honestly, I think the “Equilibria Mixtape” that SSKWAN released just before the album dropped was my ideal way to listen in.

When I’m doing this all live, whether it’s at a sunrise set or a beautifully lit place in the woods (Electric Forest vibes), I’m doing sets with more dramatic flair and pauses along the way for the listeners to enjoy the experience and really immerse and lose themselves in a feeling. I play with acoustic tricks and bouncing sounds around the trees and stage as if you were having a loving, psychedelic experience. That’s how I want to curate some more downtempo sets. They aren’t all just ambient by the way… my downtempo experience has the balls of freeform bass music, I promise you. You just have to experience the magic live yourself to understand where I’m sending people on these journeys. Sunday Bass mixes are a great place to start, and the 5th one is coming soon!

Yep, you read that right. Super Future’s 5th Sunday Bass Mix is coming soon! Prep with the latest, here.

DR: I’m sure it is hard to choose, but if you had to pick a favorite track off the album, what would it be?

Super Future: Yeah this is very hard, and every time someone asks I have a different answer. If I’m really listening to my heart for this answer… I’d have to say my favorite is “Fall Forever.” There are vocals and a special feeling that I had in my head for a LONG time when dreaming up my most meaningful work. That song is timeless to me. I took the longest to finish this one and struggled with it the most too.

DR: Prior to this release, you have worked with Wreckno, Ravenscoon, and so many more of your friends in the bass scene. Are there any downtempo artists you are striving to collaborate with? Or anyone, in general, you are greatly inspired by?

Super Future: There are so many artists and friends that I would love to work with. It’s actually becoming kinda stressful just to make time for the ones I CAN get in touch with. Plenty I want to do multiple with as well, like whole EP’s… hint hint! I’m so thankful for the collabs and friends I have garnered so far. As far as a dream collab, it depends on the style I’d be shooting for.

Just for fun, bass artists I’d love to work with… VCTRE, Smoakland, Liquid Stranger, Moore Kismet, TroyBoi. For downtempo… this is more interesting to imagine honestly. People who have a message or intention with their more emotional music would be who I gravitate towards. I’m pretty open to doing downtempo projects with any bass artists who feel like trying it with me, for the record! A dream downtempo collaboration would probably be Molokai, LSDREAM, Liquid Stranger, CloZee, CharlestheFirst, Of The Trees, INZO, or Tripp St. 

I’ll just say that some of these have been discussed and some are still dreams I hope to make a reality. 😉

Okay, Nick, we see you with the hints.

DR: Jumping off that, you recently got to takeover Liquid Stranger’s “T R I P P E D” playlist. Your selections are chef’s kiss! Was it fun getting to put this all together and share the music you vibe with?

Super Future: Thank you! I thought of this opportunity as a way to show people where I get my inspiration for this downtempo artistic side. Musically, it comes from A LOT of different places, and it probably shows in the crazy range that playlist has. Some artists will be recognizable, some will be obscure. A lot actually comes from the deep/sexy/R&B/trap music my wife sends me! And a lot of it is just that sweet spot that my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist has landed haha. Either way, I hope everyone appreciates a peek inside my inspirational bank of sound I vibe with. I bet people will recognize some things in Sunday Bass downtempo sets!

Getting a bit deeper.

DR: So, the world equilibria is defined as “a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced” or “a calm state of mind.” Do you have a go-to way to get to a balanced/calm state?

Super Future: I’d say that I do, but as the definition implies, balancing a dynamic equilibria means you’re juggling a lot. I’m trying to digest and translate so many emotions into a sound that it becomes very complex to balance. It’s a lot like life, but I choose to express the end result as a sound bite. Kind of trippy how many complex things can be distilled into one sound bite right?

To answer the question more directly, I try to keep up with fitness and meditation. Sometimes I microdose with artistic intention, and I definitely did it to help write Equilibria. I’ve trained my mind and body for years to be good at these skills, and I fail a lot, but never quitting is the journey. Right now, I’m trying to pass on these skills for a balanced life to my Super Humans groups (they’re my amazing tribe of fans and friends), because everyone deserves access to these very effective yet underutilized skills. If it helps my life, I want to give that to my supportive music family, in addition to all my art. They fuel my career so I want to give back. We all deserve access to the balance. 🙂

You can join Super Future’s official Super Humans Discord server, here, to take part in the “30-Day Meditation Challenge.” Also available through his Facebook group, here!

DR: So, was there ever a significant point that drew you closer to your spirituality?

Super Future: We could be sitting here for 4 hours haha. I’ll do my best to condense it. Spirituality to me is universal. It’s the breath of invigorating air that keeps you grounded to Earth, yet feeling larger than life. I just made that up, but it’s hard to convey how important and powerful it can feel. I’m not talking about religion here, it’s possible to be spiritual and not religious… spirituality is much bigger.

There were several points, and still more coming every year, that expanded my spiritual self. It’s where I feel the most true. Love is almost always at the foundation of a spiritual experience. Whenever I come across a moment in life when I feel like the world comes crashing down around me (like 2020 for a lot of us), or when I’m blissfully connected to everything and everyone around me, I feel like spirituality is there. There have been a number of defining moments that brought spirituality to the forefront for me and a lot of my music. It always seems to hit me hardest when there feels like no way out of a situation in life. Like when I’m lost and need guidance, if the government scares or fails me, if I lose a loved one, if I’m feeling anxious about a relationship, or a serious life event. It all inspires me to turn to my music as a safe place to exude my spiritual self and hopefully turn it into something beautiful. That’s the gift that’s tied to my spirituality, so I’m going to use the f*ck out of it.

What a beautiful way to explain it. Super Future’s safe space of music is a gift not only to himself, but to us all as listeners!

DR: And of course, we gotta ask, what future shows or festival sets are you really looking forward to?

Super Future: Wowww there are so many now. This question is harder to answer every year! I’m starting to understand what it’s like to play in other parts of the country way more than in your home state. So it’s becoming a VERY special thing to come back to Michigan now! Recently I’ve seen how proud they are of my progressall those home shows are the best.

I’m sooo excited to play Bass Country Halloween, in Grand Rapids. But also, I’m headlining again in Denver, SOOO… The Blackbox Takeover on 9/24 (a two-day takeover) is really looking sexy, too. Also, any chance I can get to play a downtempo bass set in my kimono is a real treat for me. Some more of those coming along with the release of “Sunday Bass Vol.5.”

We are just as elated for Super Future’s upcoming shows, sets, and mixes, alike!

The energy and intentions that Nick has put into Equilibria were already indisputable, but after hearing from the man himself, we truly honor what he put into this one. If you have not yet streamed the EP, please do your mind and soul a favor and just. press. play. We would love to hear what you think!

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