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New to SSKWAN, producer sharlitz web is making a haunting debut on the downtempo label. Her new track “Dark Places” takes the listener along a hypnotizing and submersive experience into her intricately woven world.

“Dark Places” is an otherworldly departure from what we are used to hearing in the bass world. Haunting soundscapes paired with captivating vocals draw us deeper into her universe, which she has so perfectly curated. Rich synths had a profound depth to this supernatural track, with her dark yet welcoming sound drawing you in for more.

“I wrote this song while I felt trapped in an unfamiliar place. It felt like chaos, yet somehow there was peace. The yin of darkness to the yang of light. I was invited into a realm where I was thrown upside down and had to find my escape.”

— sharlitz web

Listen to “Dark Places” from sharlitz web, below.

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