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LoTemp shared with us their newest ode to intentional artistry with Creativity Takes Courage, their upcoming three-track EP. We have the exclusive premiere of “Creativity” below before the public hears it on February 22nd! So sit back, relax, and join us on this serene downtempo journey.

Cody Hannah (left), Dylan Hochandel (right), shot by Lane Jackman

LoTemp asks, “When creativity strikes, how do you respond?”

This question permeates deeply throughout the sonic soundscapes of “Creativity,” the introductory track of LoTemp’s new EP. Deep and mystic, we are injected almost immediately into a panoramic vision of what it means to be struck by creativity. The basslines intermix seamlessly with airy and angelic vocals, while playful flourishes lighten the song’s energy. The environment is spacious and enticing, as it almost begs us to drop everything we’re doing and simply create.

Art by untrustus

In an engaging memo about the EP, LoTemp shares their musings behind this new pillar in their music career. They ask, “Why does a painter start painting?” And they answer, “Because they like to paint. Pure love and connection to art. No external goals in mind.” This lays the foundation of their ode to the creative process. And LoTemp uses the Creativity Takes Courage EP to explore what it means to create art that is void of the public’s need for instantaneous production. While brief in nature, “Creativity” is the perfect taste of LoTemp’s first multi-track body of work since 2019.

The duo has been hard at work providing groundbreaking and energetic additions to the bass music scene since debuting in 2017. They’ve often shown us their fiery presence at noteworthy festivals such as Kosmic Kingdom, Wakaan Music Festival, and more. But, we’re more than eager to dive deep into their new sound and embark on this collective journey of creative awakening.

“Creativity” really does take courage. Catch the exclusive premiere below!

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