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Three Spicy Bois hopped on a track titled “That Gas”, and you can trust the title because anything and everything that any of the Spicy Bois touch is certified diesel. Familiar faces to The Electric Hawk community, SAGZ and Space Wizard, are coming in hot from outer space with a nutty collab featuring chief Spicy Boi, MeSo.

These three amigos aren’t new to the game when it comes to crushing eardrums and bringing the bone shattering wubs. With their most recent release off Spicy Bois, “That Gas” is a unique song full of free form bass frequencies that takes you on a trip through this new age wave. The mind blowing bass and the melodious intro that this song provides truly unleashes your inner wild side that most songs couldn’t even attempt to reach.

That Gas

The Bois have really cranked up their sound design which is evident with Space Wizards melodic touch throughout the song. In the second drop, SAGZ takes over to give us a taste of his unique sound that gives you no choice but to indefinitely lose it. Finished off by the master himself, MeSo, this is the spiciest track to ever infiltrate the mind. We’re projecting that the fresh track will be the song that puts Spicy Bois on the map.

The rise of the Spicy Bois is inevitable, don’t do yourself the disservice of not keeping up with our favorite Bois. You can listen to “That Gas” and discover some spicy music below.

Want some more? Luckily, both SAGZ and Space Wizard have some insane guest mixes up on Electric Hawk Radio.


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