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It’s time to step out of the ordinary and give your ears the pleasure of some actual flavor. The pepperiest of peppers, Molokai just released his new Untitled EP on Spicy Bois and it is so hot that we are dripping in sweat.

If your 2020 has been off to a bland start so far we have something that will spice it up. Disregard your go-to choice of hot sauce because this year we are keeping it strictly Sriracha.

Molokai, based out of Wisconsin has been on our radar for quite some time. Recently he threw down with some of the bois: Cnopes, Mlotik, and MeSo for a sold-out Spicy Bois takeover at the Black Box in Denver.

Molokai continues to showcase his skills through each performance and project that he is involved in. His unique sound and dedication to his music are very obvious to spot. You can hardly expect anything less from any of the bois because of their ability to consistently produce and deliver absolute chili bombs. But it is mind-blowing to us that he just keeps getting better and spicier.

The Molokai Untitled EP is seriously HOT

If you’re looking to add a little zest to your playlist then the Molokai Untitled EP is most certainly for you. Packed with three tracks of pure fire, Molokai gives us the perfect balance of chill and trippy. He starts the EP off with “Untitled Dub” with fellow Spicy Boi, Cnopes. The two dish out a blazing start giving you goosebumps in the best way possible.

The ending of the Untitled EP by Molokai includes a track with another one of the bois, Mlotik. Titled “Moments”. It consumes your eardrums with a unique variety of both of their own personal sounds.

Molokai gives us a proper demonstration of space bass, saucy tones, and a weirdly yet satisfyingly funky sound. This makes this project one of a kind. Get ready for a whole lot of “ID PLEASE!” from your buds when you play this one on the aux.

Listen to the Molokai Untitled EP below. If you are a spicy specimen and want more of the bois, take the time to lurk through their entire Soundcloud.

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