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Euphoric nostalgia. That’s the most accurate feeling I can describe while redlining this brand new Departure EP from Subscape in my AirPods. After the year we’ve all experienced, everyone deserves to feel the warm hug of nostalgia, for sanity purposes at this point. What better to comfort the pain of this year than a brand new Subscape EP dropping on UKF?

First, let me clarify. This isn’t the type of nostalgia flashbacks similar to the blurry college spring break flashbacks I’m plagued with every time I get a whiff of cheap tequila laced hand sanitizer.

No, no. This is the type of nostalgia that hugs your old-school dubstep loving soul. This EP will smack you right in the throwback feels, just like the way I need that extra Jamo shot in my coffee to smack when the extended family visits for the holidays. 

The last time we heard from Subscape was on the UKF10 compilation album with his collaborative track, “Close,” with The Others.

But now, we have been blessed with a four-track EP, Departure. I half expected the cover art to be a flaming blue speaker, because this EP carries that classic UKF sound that had me falling in love with this scene thirteen years ago. Departure is a beautifully crafted project. Each track encompassing a modern refresh of Subscape’s original dubstep sound from when he first captured my attention back in 2009, with his Dreadlock/Low Heights EP. Additionally, we get a fourth, bonus drum & bass remix of the title track by Monrroe, as a treat. What better sonic pairing than old-school dubstep and drum & bass?

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive into the EP.

Departure” starts with an incredibly cinematic intro, wielding a dramatic sub that immediately commands the listener’s attention. As the track builds, you’re reminded of Subscape’s legacy in the dubstep scene. The track breaks into beautiful, big synths that are coupled with an emotional hook, showcasing why “Departure” is the title track. The perfect emotionally charged dubstep masterpiece.

Everything.” 140 bpm, God’s tempo. Nature is healing type beat. Sweeping synths, a staple element in classic dubstep fashion, are met with a skippy break beat that carries the listener through the track. Between the orchestration and soft vocal whispers sprinkled throughout.. the lyrics say it best, this track is indeed everything.

Now that we’ve had our brains massaged for almost 5 minutes, “Quiet Riot” just Kool Aid Man-ed its way in our ears. With those crisp claps to kick off the intro, we know we’re in for some hefty dubstep. The drop is a straight time portal into 2010 – we’re going to be folding plates to this one. The strings in the composition perfectly contrast the prominent dubstep snares throughout the piece, creating the deeply dark atmosphere of the track. I want “Quiet Riot” blasted on a set of Henny’s with my face shoved right up next to the sub.

Tinnitus, who? Just. Give. Me. Subscape. Dubstep. 

I’m grateful Dropbox doesn’t show play count, because Monrroe’s remix of “Departure” is a track you can rinse over and over for hours. This remix is a beautiful liquid take on “Departure,” full of soulful melodies and blissful, lightweight drums. It’s simply the best compliment and closure to the rest of the EP. 

Cheers to finally departing from 2020, as the return of Subscape and this audio gift of an EP are the few incredible things that can be credited to this year.

Listen and support the Subscape Departure EP here:

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