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HAUNDROID is ready to set the world on fire with his newest track “Diabolical.” Filled with haunting vocal samples and oozing radioactive drops, he came out swinging with this one – Terminator style. All I’m saying is if I had to take over the world, this track would be my theme song…straight rocket fuel, let me tell yah.


HAUNDROID, a.k.a Mitch Redder, hails out of the great state of Michigan. And his goal in life? Shocking his fans, and the world, with eerie melodies and bass-lines that’ll knock you out of your seat. And boyyy, is he succeeding.

Photography by @michaelarileyphotography

HAUNDROID has already worked with the likes of Subtronics and Riot Ten. And Mitch has also dropped a handful of his own singles and his first full length Junkyard EP, to boot.

In fact, now that I think about it…I probably wouldn’t be the one taking over the world anyhow. I’d just be a lowly minion to the almighty HAUNDROID.

Lead us into the bass apocalypse robo-king.

Feelin’ “Diabolical”

Okay imma just say it. “Diabolical” feels like it would fit perfectly into one of RL Grime’s Halloween mixes. The intense drum hits and vocal cackles all mixed with the straight liquid bass give me MAD SpOoKy vibes. Like…it feels like this is the part where I turn on my TV and see that The White House is announcing The Purge.

But regardless of how I try to describe what I’m hearing…all I know is this shit bangs and you need to listen to it ASAP. And here’s us hoping that we’ll get to see this track live as soon as all this virus business is done with.

You can catch me in front of the subs.

Catch some grimy bass with "Diabolical" by HAUNDROID.

Listen to HAUNDROID “Diabolic” below:

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