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Songwriter and producer, SÄFAR, recently dropped 2 beautiful, melodic singles, “Kochi” and “Medina.” Rish moved from India to Canada to create an artistic endeavor known as SÄFAR.

While creating music, SÄFAR has also been focusing on the artistic direction it takes. Art is meant to give each song context and visual representation to the music. 

Although both tracks offer the same melodic vibes, they are both very different

“Kochi” is on the spectrum of a softer, more relaxing melodic song that brings the perfect ambiance to a setting. “Medina”, on the other hand, starts off slow and quiet, which allows it to build up. The buildup then drops into the perfect beat that allows the song to stay at a steady, upbeat pace. They are perfect for a study session, meditating, or a road trip. 

SÄFAR’s tracks bring the perfect vibe that is very reminiscent of Odesza and various artists from Foreign Family Collective

We can’t wait to see what else 2020 will bring for him and to watch his success from day one. Be sure to follow SÄFAR to stay alert on his next projects! 

Listen to “Medina” and “Kochi” below!

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