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What in the devil are the Slang Dogs up to now? Probably just some boomer things with a demon spawn. The Slang Dogs have unleashed ‘“The Baku” which was forged from the fire and brimstone in H-E double hockey sticks. A “Baku” is known in Japanese lore to be a demonic figure that devours nightmares. Now I need to read up on the demon dictionary, but I would love for a Baku to access my brain and eat up all my nightmares about baby seals eating me. Anyways brother– here’s “The Baku.”

Why yes, I do enjoy some Baku in the morning

“The Baku” is yet another example of the Slang Dogs’ excellence at creating unique sounds through frightening fictional characters.

Very violent violins introduce the song, as more cinematic elements play throughout the first few seconds. It then drops off into heavy reverberating bass. The drop combines some white noise, lots of sub-bass, and a sexy kick-clap combo for that perfect listener experience (to the devil’s favorite music, that is.) Drop two includes more elements, including another absurd bass sample, and drop three continues on the work from drops 1 and 2, ending the song with destructive waves of dirty bass. 

The dogs have yet again impressed listeners with their excellent bass sound design. But one would assume that there is more on the way, right? Well, yes. In fact, the boys at Electric Talk spoke to the Slang Doggos a few months ago about future releases. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what next for them ;). But until then, you should listen to some of their endless classics like “Trenches,” “Silence,” and the Reckoning of Endal EP. 

And you can listen to “The Baku” Here:

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